Fort Weyr Search!

Fort Weyr welcomes you to their Spring 2012 search!

What you can find:

  • 2. Eggs - A handy place to look at all the eggs without having to scroll through a lot of text.
  • 3. Candidacy - What do candidates do? Here's a glimpse of a basic day, as well as a list of possible chores, because chores are now your life!
  • 4. Candidate Rules - The IC rules and regulations that all Candidates must follow.
  • 5. Candidate Questionnaire - If you are hoping to Impress, you must send us this questionnaire by April 29th midnight PST.

Your Search Co this time around includes Fievel, D'yce, Madri, Merci, Iona, U'rr, L'ton, and Imogen. You can page us with questions, or mail *fs.

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