Apollyon, or Pol, has been PC since the age of 6, the eldest of Kezia and N'lon. When N'lon died in Threadfall he and sister Gehenna were relocated from Ista Weyr to the fishing district of the Hold. They and foster sister Norah were pretty much raised communally a.k.a by themselves, with Lord Sterling taking special interest from afar in Pol's upbringing. He started out hunting small game, providing as man of the house and when his mother had a new suitor all three children resisted as much as possible.

Adventure comes easy. There's the trade vessel that sunk in the shoals of Ista he and Q'luin dove and pillaged. For some time after Pol guarded an iron ingot he recovered with his life so he could give it to a smith for a dagger. Zuhal obliged him and designed the blade with the steep angle which would become one of his most treasured personal items.

Along with the pair of shriveled wherry feet, first major kill, he used to show off.

There was a case when several Hold youth stole a schooner and sailed it to the horizon… and bottom of the sea.

When Hold messenger Lisyana was Searched Apollyon filled her position for a time before turning 13. Sterling's connections with Igen allowed Pol transport and deliverance to a nomadic group headed by Igen Hold's former guard captain, Sedhi. For three turns Apollyon endured the desert learning melee and survival skills. He lived for sevendays alone during the final trial, ate his canine, returned to camp, and was shortly delivered back to Ista on Sedhi's word.

There he fell into place as a Hold cadet for 2 turns and recently accelerated to full guard status. Apollyon's stood for clutches 6 or 7 times starting at the age of 8 when Rh'iad and Atsuth took a shine to him and Pol snuck onto the Sands.


Delicate Kezia left a reddish hue in Apollyon's hair and that is about the total scope of her inherited influence. Her gentle nature directly contrasted brownrider N'lon who once helped free her as a hostage in Southern Boll. Dominant, self-interested, and indulgent N'lon lived and died as Ista's Weyrleader, he and Rhyolith lost young while chasing Thread in an impossible descent.

Along with Gehenna, Pol's only full-blooded sibling, there are a score of half-siblings established from N'lon's wake. And Norah, who's a full category onto her own.

A few people shared the role of father figure in his life, mainly Lord Sterling of Ista who respected N'lon, and elder half-brother L'ton of Fort. For the most part, however, Kezia and his sisters are the only constant people in his life.


Apollyon's a resurrection of his father N'lon whom I missed playing after terminating the character years ago. While N'lon's recklessness perfectly suited a short lifespan I hope Apollyon has a trick or two up his sleeve, in each boot, and tucked in his belt. He's self-serving at heart, aspiring to and respecting rank only if sustains his lifestyle. It doesn't help his arrogance there are friends in high places allowing such casual indifference.

Hard work, providing there's something in it for him, is something Pol can apply his strength and tenacity towards. Unlike N'lon's slash and burn tactics I'd like to think there's the capacity to foresee some cause and effect for Apollyon. Don't color him into a corner though, he likes it best when he's being unpredictable.

Feelings About Dragons:

Anyone who's known Pol knows he's been bragging he'd Impress a bronze since he had lungs. Probability is on his side, blood relatives are dragonriders, and the fact he's been Searched so many times the dragons see something in him. Older now, Apollyon's seeing what he can do for himself and is beginning to like forging ahead without relying on possibilities.

Favorite Eggs:

All. Or none. Something like that.

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