…on Barrett

Youngest of nine children, from a small hold north of Boll. Showed up at Fort Weyr to find a job that was a little lower on the manual labor side (and possibly for other extremely obvious reasons) but ended up a Candidate instead.

Tidy, well-organized, talkative, and perhaps a smidge oversensitive.

…on Dragons

He has so far managed to avoid interacting with them almost entirely. All the usual deference of a Hold kid during a Pass, but he seems kind of nervous about the prospect, for a Candidate.

…on the Candidates

Tovrin was going to be his friend, until he wasn't, but they've still got cots right next to each other and Barrett makes his bed but that's not weird, right?
Not the brightest bulb, but Rylsar should just never wear shirts, ever. Or anything—what?
Ruchik is a jerk or possibly a psychopath and axe murderer. Knife murderer?
Jedrek is a little hard to talk to without imagining him covered in blood and innards. Except, unlike Ruchik, not his own.
For the most part, Miahve seemed like a girl who was pretty okay, except she did talk to Tovrin about him, and who does that?
Khrysta is a girl with excessive legs. Or not enough towels.
Qylia is a girl with kind of a scary mouth.

…on Other Folks

Siyavri is a good listener and only sort of a girl, and it's kinda too bad she's not standing.
He hasn't the faintest memory of his name, but D'yce is that guy who threw a knot at him.

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