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A weyrbrat through and through, Burant has bounced between Ista and Fort for the majority of his life. Raised dominantly by his father, B'roughs from Ista, until he was 13, he shifted to Fort Weyr as a guard when he was old enough.


Father: B'roughs, Rider of blue Inigoth at Ista
Mother: R'ish, Rider of brown Maialeth at Fort
Siblings: Random and various.

He more closely identifies his father as a father figure than his mother as a mothering influence. R'ish was a teacher, and co-conspirator for the most part, though he loves them both deeply. He has little attachment for any of his siblings having known most of them only in passing.


Laid back. On the surface he's usually easy going and amiable. He tends to be very flexible when dealing with the grey areas of existence. He's slow to judgement, but when he does make a judgement it takes acts of god and congress (conclave?) to change his mind. This can make him very, very loyal and very, very distrusting in the same

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