Age: 18 turns
Rank: Fort Weyrfolk
Birthplace: Fort Hold
Description: Dark, close-cropped shadows creep across Cabrien's head; the faintest sheen highlighting sun-darkened scalp and skin. Dark brows lead to strong features: deep set steel-blue eyes, a boxy nose, angular jaw and dimpled cheeks. Sturdy shoulders give way to a muscular torso, proportionate to his 5'9 height, his build slender without being boney.

Upon Cabrien's shoulder he wears the white knot of a Candidate.

Cabrien wears a loose tunic, baby blue in hue. His pants are slate gray, boots ebony black. Everything is neat and fresh, free of stains and grime though not the tell-tale fading of its dyes and numerous alterations.


Fostered off the moment he took his first breath as a baby, Cabrien was raised amidst a large group of children by a woman older than dirt and tougher than grit. Eimara's no-nonsense approach to life extended into bringing up the thirty-odd children she'd taken in and cared for over the years; not a one suffered for want of food, shelter, clothing and a basic education.

Life for the boy was simple and routine. In the morning after breakfast there were chores, with a break for lunch and then right on into lessons before there were yet more chores. The last few hours of the evening were reserved for play, for it was Eimara's firm belief that while children needed a solid foundation of hard work and learning, they also needed the chance to be children. It was during those last few hours of each evening that Cabrien learned and grew the most.

He learned the weakest often went without, that those who stuck out were often hammered the hardest by those who didn't. He learned that life wasn't always fair and that there only really ever was one person he could count on and that was himself.

Of course being young and impulsive, Cabrien had a tendency to get in trouble and often found himself facing down some punishment or another. On one particular occasion, his punishment found him tasked with assisting a visiting relative of Eimara's.

The man was weasley and needy and very, very self-important. Ranking rather high within the Weavercraft, Olinof felt little compassion for anyone whose knot didn't match or surpass his own and less so for anyone not of his blood. Cabrien, just nine, was instructed to carry out tasks the man's apprentices struggled with: lifting heavy bundles, carrying messages and packages back and forth to various customers and just about anything else the Weaver could think of. For a full sevenday, Cabrien was at Olinof's mercy and worn thin, having worked himself to whole new levels of exhaustion when it was announced via Eimara that Cabrien would accompany Olinof back to the Weaverhall so as to become his apprentice.

Needless to say, Cabrien was les than pleased but there was very little he could do to prevent it. So Cabrien was swept away, departing with Olinof the very next day. A year passed in which Olinof kept good on his promise to his sister that he'd work the boy and teach him the way of things. Unfortunately, the promise of turning Cabrien into an apprentice never came to fruition. Instead, Cabrien became Olinof's right-hand man, there to do whatever the man needed him to do.

It was during a visit to Fort Weyr that an altercation between a heavy handed Olinof and Cabrien caught the eye of bluerider T'gul. Through means unknown to Cabrien even to this very day, T'gul somehow convinced Olinof that he was best left behind at Fort. T'gul himself took Cabrien in, raising him as his own son.

The following three years passed in the blink of an eye for Cabrien who flourished under T'gul's care. There never was any doubt in Cabrien's mind that he'd one day Stand, and while it was an aspiration T'gul shared with him, it wasn't exclusive. He encouraged, if not often enforced Cabrien to consider other paths often arranging for the boy to pull stints with various Journeymen within the weyr and even the weyr guards.

When a clutch finally came to Fort's sands, it was the T'gul's blue Anuarth who Searched Cabrien. After the hatching when Cabrien failed to Impress, it was T'gul himself who consoled him and promised him that there would be another chance. For nearly three years Cabrien waited for that opportunity, but with each passing year and subsequent lack of a clutch he grew impatient until one day he found himself unable to wait any more. Despite an aging T'gul's request for Cabrien to wait another year, Cabrien left Fort in the company of two brothers and headed back home to Fort Hold. What was supposed to be a temporary visit turned near permanent, for Cabrien stayed at the Hold for nearly a year before bleak news from the Weyr drew him back.

It was a friend of T'gul's who told Cabrien of the bluerider's death during Threadfall, who briefly consoled the stricken boy before leaving him with a letter penned from the bluerider to Cabrien in such an event. Whatever its contents, their meanings to him and his feelings about Fort, Cabrien has remained on at the Weyr.


Name Relation Status
Eimara foster mother living
Olinof foster uncle living
T'gul (blue Anuarth) adopted father deceased
various brothers & sisters foster siblings living


In the face of his peers, Cabrien is self assured and confident. He's not afraid to speak his mind, but as he's a very composed person it's often hard to get a rise out of him, let alone draw him into any sort of confrontation. Because he grew up with such a large adoptive family, he's something of a big brother sort in that he'll often look out for those younger than himself, but because he's so private and self-reliant he rarely develops any significant relationships beyond that of casual friends. He has a sexist view of women (with a few rare exceptions) and generally doesn't think they belong in roles outside of the more traditional roles as mothers and caretakers.

In the face of riders, Cabrien is respectful to all, regardless of rank. He'll answer and address each and every one by their title, and do whatever is requested of him (within reason). While he adheres to the philosophy that all riders are important, he believes that some are more important than others (with the color of the dragon having something to do with that). Non-gold female riders make him uncomfortable, and while he may hold his doubts about whether they're really, truly suited to do the job he'll never speak them aloud because that'd just be plain rude.

In the face of leadership figures, Cabrien is pretty much a 'yes ma'am/sir' kind of guy. He'll do whatever they say, without question or hesitation. Their word is gold, something he won't argue with no matter how much he might not agree with it or feel about it otherwise.

Feelings About Dragons:

Cabrien is very straight forward when it comes to dragons. He believes they are essential members of the weyr, with each dragon playing its own part. And while some dragons (and their riders) are way more important than others, they all deserve to be treated with respect. He's not especially afraid of them, nor stary-eyed reverent. If anything, he views them as tools toward accomplishing the important goal of protecting Pern and its people.

Favorite Eggs:

In no one particular order: Cloaked in Brilliance Egg, Solar Eclipse Egg and The Divine Mosaic Egg!

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