She doesn't talk much about where she comes from — and considering recent events, she's talking about it quite a lot less — but just about everyone probably knows that Citlali is from Fort Hold. She'd lived there for her entire life until about two months prior to being Searched, and came to Fort Weyr with her younger brother.

Citlali's been working with runnerbeasts her entire life, and has been a stablehand since she was around thirteen.

Citlali's Logs & Stuff

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She admits to having a younger brother, Caledan. He currently lives at Fort Weyr as well, and is often seen around her. Her parents are Cialle and Tivadan, people of Fort Hold — and Tivadan is Steward Latham's brother. Citlali keeps that one close to the belt. She also has another sibling, a sister she isn't fond of.


Citlali is a girl. Which, yes, is obvious by looking at her, but really — she's a girl. A very girly sort of girl who likes fluffy things and the color pink. She puts a lot of effort into her appearance, and wears makeup every day. On the other hand, she isn't prissy — her riding clothes might be as near-to-perfect as she can get, she might always wear jewelry and she might do her best to keep everything as clean as possible, but she's a stablehand and she can take the dirt and muck with no issue. There's nothing that says a stablehand has to be a tomboy, and Citlali embodies being feminine without seeming weak or silly. Because she's neither. She's very serious about her work; she just likes being a girl, looking good doing it, and living it up as much as possible without stepping out of bounds and being outrageous about it.

In general, she likes people, but not as much as she likes runners. She's quick to enter into a conversation with someone and slow to call them friend, just because she has no real reason to assume people are on her side.

Feelings About Dragons:

A foreign sort of way of life; before coming to the Weyr, Citlali had never actually been to a Weyr before. It wasn't something that ever came up. Her experience with dragons has thusfar been limited to those who came to the Hold. She never really expected to have much involvement with them, and the Weyr was just the nearest place when she felt she absolutely needed to move. Search was a complete surprise, and she's still trying to get used to the entireties of Weyr life and being around dragons. So overall dragons are just something else to get used to — she certainly finds them interesting, though. And nice to look at.

Favorite Eggs:

Out of Shell Experience, Soul for a Song, Guardian in the Dark and Skeptic Egg.

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