Welcome to Hestiath and Talimoth's 2010 clutch!

It's taken us some time to get here, but here we finally are, and we are so excited to present the eggs to you at last. That being said, we have a few notes:

ICly, these are not the only eggs on the sands. There are 23 PC eggs, and nobody knows how many NPC eggs. There's no official count of how big each queen's clutch is since nobody knows whose eggs are whose or which mounds of sand have eggs under them, so everyone who tries to count is coming up with wildly different numbers. The Weyr will just have to wait until they hatch!

OOCly, all the eggs come from Talimoth and Hestiath's flight. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted egg descs. Our theme for this cycle was: Space.

Please click on the tabs to see each egg and description.

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