First Egg Touching

Hatching Sands (#819J)
Breathless heat blurs the high gray contours of this gigantic cavern: intense, inexorable, it swallows the unaware in mirages of warped vision, sands-scorched feet, sounds that lose their origins in the echo and reecho of vaulting stone. Dim citrine light casts low shadows even when otherwise illuminated, the product of constellations of living, growing glows; they even limn the staircases winding high to the galleries that, like the dragons' ledges, center attention on this chosen home to generation after generation of Fort queens' clutches.
The single exit gapes to the southwest.
You see Goreanth, Gaudy Destination Shot Glass Egg, Impossibly Ruffled Dress Egg, Dancing Hamster Egg, I <3 NY T-Shirt Egg, Lost Little Marble Egg, Old Ragdoll Egg, Missing Masterpiece Egg, Pile o' Junk Egg, Swarovski Crystal Egg, Painted Teacup Egg, Porcelain Egg, Ssssso Stinky Egg, Old Christmas Lights Egg, Patchwork Quilt Egg, The Tie-dye Guy Egg, Tarnished Jewelry Egg, Really? A Back Scratcher? Egg, Leaky Old Wooden Bucket Egg, The Unsorted Books Egg, Beloved Collectible Droid Egg, and Eviyath here.

The past few days have seen a new rumor added to the mess of gossip that is whispered throughout the weyr, though this one seems mostly innocuous at face value: Eleni hasn't been feeling well. Eviyath has been left largely alone on the sands, and Imogen's taken it into her head to keep the clutchmother company whenever she can - even if that company mostly amounts to silent togetherness. The early spring breeze carries hints of freshly turned dirt through the entrance and into the hatching grounds, where Imogen has stationed herself, sitting cross-legged on the sand, near - but not too near - Eviyath and the eggs.

Urei wanders in with a slow, careful step as he pads onto the sands edges, booted toes barely touching the granules of sand as his hood is removed to better spot the Queen and her clutch. Wary of the Weyrwoman's presence the former Harper clears his throat as if announcing his presence, but remains a safe distance to prevent any opportunity to be chowed down on. "'cuse me, Weyrwoman. We're 'ere." His accent a little less severe in the presence of such greatness, a bow offered to Eviyath as he just patiently waits.

Lisyana, just call me 'Lysa', follows behind Urei, offering a quick bow to Eviyath, and a grin and a bit of a second bowed-wave to Imogen, "They said some of use should come out to see the eggs?" Unlike 'Spud', she's smoothed out her accent some, causing her to slow down her words slightly. Perhaps less random chatter will occur?

Eviyath stirs from her stillness, eying the candidates with a sphinx-like stare evocative of restrained danger, a predator ready to pounce on any intruder she deems a threat to the twenty eggs clustered centrally on the Sands.

Imogen, with her usual quickness of mind, looks up at the gathering group with a blank expression and an even blanker, "what?" But it only lasts for a moment. "Oh!" She exclaims, remembering her request to the bluerider T'ler, who wandered in half a candlemark ago, to fetch a group of candidates for an egg touching. With a puzzled look to Urei, like she can't quite place him, she scrambles to her feet and grins at Lisyana. "I thought you'd decide to come," she says, by way of greeting, before broadening her attention to encompass the rest of the small group. "It's time for you to start getting used to the eggs. You've all been told about egg touchings - be gentle, be respectful, and be ready to go if Eviyath there starts to get upset."

Urei nods his head slowly to Imogen, maybe slightly pleased to the lack of full recognition, "Yessum, ma'am." A swift bow toward Imogen before he takes one brave step on the sands to give a full bow to Eviyath, eyes locked on the Queen the entire time. And with the respect portion out of the lad starts to pace forward, slow and sure as his eyes scan each egg with a careful look. He may even look like he is lurking as his footsteps make little sound to prevent disturbing the eggs or Queen. A stray hand, fingers shaking slightly with anxiety is placed on The Tie-dye Guy Egg, eyes wide and absorbing in every little detail of the brightly colored surface.

Lisyana offers a rather crooked grin, "Well, it weren… It wasn't like the offer comes along /that/ often, ma'am…" she admits, rather cheerfully, before heading onto the sands properly. Before she actually moves to the eggs, Eviyath gets a second bow, at that wary look, before the young woman looks about at all the eggs. Mouthing the words to a childhood rhyme for choosing something, the girl veers off towards the Old Ragdoll Egg, fingers brushing over the side.

A kaleidoscope of color reaches out and draws you in, spinning red and blue and yellow into a dizzying array that tilts and wobbles and refuses, for just a moment, to release you - until suddenly it does, and the storm quiets as quickly as it rose.

Imogen circulates with the candidates, remaining mostly silent and with numerous glances to check Eviyath's mood.

If anything was about to pale Urei's face, it would be the feelings evoked by mere contact with that first egg, luckily he prevents himself from vomiting this first time around. A swift glance up at Eviyath to make sure she didn't see his reaction and the young man moves on. Eyes travel away from the eggs to look up at Lisyana, watching her softly and observing her for a few moments before glancing back down to the eggs. Oh, hi Unsorted Books Egg, how about you get touched? The artist fingers of the faux-black haired man lightly touch the scattered surface.

Eviyath still isn't doing much, beyond that stare of hers. But Urei, she can tell when someone doesn't like one of her eggs; she's got her eye on you.

Lisyana looks up and absolutely beams at Eviyath, before giving the Old Ragdoll a pat on one side. Attention grabbed by a sparkle of color in the light, she then makes her way, almost skipping (if not for the disrespect that'd show) towards the Swarovski Crystal Egg.

Eviyath might relax, just a tad, for Lisyana. Still watchful, her glowering surveillance softens ever so slightly, slightly, slightly.

The musty smell of old books reaches your nostrils first, then a faint whiff of peppermint tea, and finally the sunwarmed scent of dried sweetgrass pressed carefully between two pages. Adventure, romance, tragedy, comedy, all linger here within reach, waiting for you to choose.

If making love to an egg was a legitimate action, Urei would totally take this one home and do naughty things to it, but no. He just lingers a little longer on the egg, fingers lovingly stroking the surface and he glances up to Eviyath, "Lov'ly clutch me Queen." He drawls out, although maintain his blank expression. Another step and he leaves the egg, but for some reason he headed in a direction that led him /away/ from the main clutch and to stare at the Ssssso Stinky Egg. Hesitant at first, he looks at it. Maybe he'll tongue it, his eyes close a little as he streeeetches to just lightly graze the surface with his fingers.

That tentative touch is enough for a fetid stench to steal over you, a nasty complement to the slime that seems to ooze from the shell to your fingers, dripping down to pool wetly around your feet.

Lisyana closes her eyes a minute, one hand lifting up to rub at the lids, before blinking them back open. She looks down at the Crystal Egg, then grins and shakes her head, before looking about. Muttering something about a quill, she then heads over towards the Gaudy Destination Shot Glass Egg. Stopping just short of it, she peers at it, then shakes her head, "… you, I've the.. I have the feeling, would like whiskey." She reaches out, with that amused statement, and lightly taps at the shell, as if to say 'you, yes you'.

Urei retracts his hand quickly, this time a scrunch of his face actually appears as an expression. Nasty. With a swift turn the Candidate starts to move in the opposite direction, not even hazarding to look back in case the egg is following him. The next egg that comes within the path is the Lost Little Marble Egg and the young man's fingers explore the shell softly, fingers tracing the colors that run along the surface.

Lisyana staggers slightly, and drops her hand, reaching up to touch her eye, before shaking her head with a grin. She takes two or three steps back, and just takes a deep breath, before settling in to look about once more. Biting at the bottom lip, she finally moves off once more, her energy markedly less than when she first entered the Sands, heading towards the look of Tarnished Jewelery, reaching out with fingertips to try to trace out one set of links over the hardening shell.

In contrast to its sibling, this egg is smooth and cool and clean, but blank somehow. Even the dazzle of its center can't disguise the sense of expectancy that settles about you, but whatever is expected never comes.

Urei removes his hand and with a pale-looking face, he doesn't look like he is doing too well on the hot sands. A glance is offered over to Imogen and he tilts his solemn lips down a little, "If'n ye 'cuse me ma'am, I've… gotta git goin' now." He steps, a little more lively than before, in the direction of the exit. With a pause he does turn around and give a deep bow, stomach churning, toward Eviyath, "Thank ye fer lettin' us touch yer eggs, me Queen." Then 180 degree turn and the Candidate is outta here!

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