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1252by QiluinQiluin
03 Nov 2009 00:53Jump!
It's all about dragons.
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Discuss dragon personalities.
621by df_trilliandf_trillian
28 Nov 2010 22:49Jump!
Chat about dragon's physical form.
14by df_trilliandf_trillian
27 Nov 2010 16:08Jump!
Here's your chance to get some good discussion going about names, for your dragon, for other people's dragons, etc... It's all about Nameth.
18by spiritbardspiritbard
23 Nov 2010 09:18Jump!
Everything else dragon that doesn't fit into the above categories goes here.
15by CabrienCabrien
27 Nov 2010 00:01Jump!
TPs are the meat of the game. Would you like to start one? Would you like to join one? Would you like search co to start one? Get your TPs here!
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Create threads about TPs you'd like to see, start, do, discuss, etc.. It's all about TPs.
211by df_trilliandf_trillian
19 Nov 2010 06:14Jump!
Here is where you ask for help! With anything, especially OOC questions and concerns, though IC is possible too.
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Got a topic you'd like to see added and don't know how? Need advice? You just need help with search issues? Anything OOC and IC can be asked/discussed here.
Everything involving your characters.
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This is where you discuss your character, their character, our characters. Got rider names you like for a friend? Want to ask advice about a rider name or three? Want to jive histories? Anything to do with characters can be chatted about here.
28by spiritbardspiritbard
22 Nov 2010 18:39Jump!
Every search NPCs are created, some go on to impress, become part of the weyrling group, live on forever on DF. Create an NPC, put it here, with information about the character, so everyone can play off it, and watch it evolve!
The Cafe
The cafe is a place to kick back with a cup of joe and discuss anything and everything. There are no limits beyond PG-13 ones. We encourage you to say what's on your mind here, especially if it brings about bonding with your mates. Cheers!
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