Games afoot

OOC Time: Monday, November 8, 2010
Season (North Continent): Late winter.
Weather: Bitter gusts wrack the snowy skies.
Current Location: Game Room (#14272J) - Zone: Fort Weyr
Room Occupants:
Quaptyziel and Cabrien

Game Room (#14272J)
Distractions abound in the quirky underworld of the gameroom: checkers, dragonchess, parcheesi and Neratian stones compete for table space with tea-pots and klah mugs. Where the walls are not claimed by dart-boards, people have tacked up sketches, paintings, and the occasional needlepoint depicting scenes from around the Pern. Drinking is discouraged here (though encouraged upstairs), and a variety of curtains and moveable partitions allow guests to reformat the room on a regular basis. Baskets of scraps, knitting, leather and odd-socks allow people to keep busy and useful when not actively gaming.

It's late evening or thereabouts, with a majority of the weyr having settled on in for the evening. Tonight's adventure features none other than Cabrien acting as lookout and Quaptyziel acting as cohort. The more serious of the two Candidates positions himself behind the dartboard and Quap so as to try and at least obscure what his other half might be up to. Also, it provides him with plausible deniability. If he can't /see/ Quap steal the dartboard, he won't feel pressured to go and report the malfeasance.

It's fortunately that for this time of night, the game room is all but deserted, unguarded, just begging to have things pilfered. Quaptyzieel had crept his way into the game room with Cabrien, and over to the target. Looks like some gamers may be missing their favorite game for a while. He glances at Cabrien, and nods to him, he trusts him to keep an eye out, not that anybody should be in here at this time. He creeps up to the darboard hanging on the wall. He glances around again, before he works the board down off the hook it's hung on, for Faranth knows how long. He's quiet as possible about it. He bites his lip, before he gets it off, and hook, and quickly lowers it down into his arms to keep hold of it. "Got it." He whispers quietly to Cab.

Cabrien clears his throat and holds out a bag to Quaptyziel, one sufficiently large enough to hide the dartboard. "Hurry up. We gotta stash it 'fore someone sees us." Cabrien most definitely would die of shame if he was caught, after all. Once the dartboard is dropped into the bag, Cabe promptly passes it over to Quap, then sets off for the hallway, "I got an idea 'bout where we can stash it, too. Don't think anyone'd look here." Here, there. The point being: he's now on the run.

Quaptyziel will certainly take the bag, and stashes the board into it. "Right, right." He says, and closes up the ba, bnefore he follows after the other boy, carrying the bag with him. "Yeah, we wouldn't want the other team getting their hands on our prize." He grins, and heads into the hallway as well, looking around to make sure they won't be spotted, though they did have a cover story of what they were doing, if they were caught. "I'll take your word for it." He says.

… our intrepid theives steal off to a Super Secret Location so as not to have their plunder discovered, or worse yet — stolen! And so, safely ensconced within their loot headquarters, their story continues:

An indeterminate time later, they arrive at the location. The secret location. Cabrien forgoes standing watch to lead Quaptyziel deeper into the room, past various items of no real particular interest or importance. "We'll stash it here for now. Doubt anyone'll ever come this far in looking for it, and if they do, I doubt they're gonna find it." He reaches out for the bag from Quaptyziel, settling it into the bottom of a worn looking box, before piling items atop it. Said box is then nudged out of sight, sunk onto the lowest shelf of a shelving unit situated in one rather obscure little corner. "Think we oughta spread stuff out, just in case. Maybe find a new spot for the next thing."

Quaptyziel is sure to memorize the way to get to the location, as best he can, incase he's not working with Cabrien on the next bigg thing. There's five in the team after all. He takes note of various items as well, though he looks back to Cabrien as he speaks. "Alright." He says, and watches the other candidate stash the bag, and board. "Yeah." He says, and looks around the room to see if there's any other places that would be good to stash the next item.

"You gonna go for something else, then?" Cabrien asks as he finishes arranging things just so. "'cause honestly, half that stuff ain't safe to go for… 'least ain't somethin' I'm willin' to try and get." Cabrien looks to see if Quaptyziel understood, or at the very least agreed with him. Then again, Cabe was quite possibly the only rank-whipped candidate in the bunch.

Quaptyziel hmms. "I don't know yet, I might try." He admits. "Maybe work with somebody else, again." You know, as back up, keep watch, etc. "Why? You're not going to try for anymore?" He asks him, confused. "I think some of them are doablle, if done carefully." Some of them couldn't be that hard, they'll just have to be sneaky like they were tonight.

"Be awful careful if I do." Cabrien says. He continues to regard their 'stash', before shaking his head. "T'gul'd either be pissed or proud. Kinda figure more on pissed 'cause he liked a good game of darts." He glances back to Quaptyziel with a crooked grin. "Anyways… be sure'n hide them good if you do. No sense in goin' through all that hard work for nothing." He steps away from the corner, closer to Quaptyziel, "You ready to head back?"

Quaptyziel nods to Cabrien. "Yeah, same here, and have an excuse for if we get caught." He grins. "I'm sure he won't be the only one, the darts seemed to be rather popular to play." He himself had taken part in several games. "Roght, hide them well, I'll try to remember this spot for hiding them, this is a pretty good place." He says, and looks around again, before nodding. "Yeah, better get back, before somebody notices us missing." He says, and will start back, the way they came.

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