OOC Time: Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
Season (North Continent): Late winter.
Weather: The vault of sky is still, empty, freezing cold.
Current Location: Public Baths (#506J) - Zone: Fort Weyr
Room Occupants:
Quaptyziel and Cabrien

Public Baths (#506J)
Steam rises all about you, beading slightly on your skin and soothing it after the winds of the bowl. To one side is an alcove leading to the necessity chamber; across the way are hooks suitable for hanging clothing, and shelves that house fluffy towels as well as containers of sweetsand. The floor is of patterned ceramic 'tiles' that have been given a nubby finish for traction underfoot.

To the southeast are three different pools, of varying heat; the topmost is the warmest, and as the water flows down, cooler water is added to each. The center portions are deep, while the rims are lined with comfortable benches of varying heights for people of various sizes and preferences.

The cold days turned into an even colder night. It's no wonder that people have been drawn tto the warm bathing pools, like an insect to fire. Quaptyziel has been drawn here as well, though for entirely different reasons, and he's certainly over dressed for somebody taking a bath. He'll peek around the entrance to the cavern, and looks to Cabrien, the watchdog again, before he creeps his way into the cavern, hoping the current residents don't spot him through the steam rising.

Fortunately most of the residents are harmless. Too tired to care much what one creeping figure is doing. Cabrien again does act the part of look-out, lingering near enough the entrance to give Quaptyziel a good seven second head start before he pushes further into the baths. It'd be one hapless resident sequestered off toward a pool in the back that becomes his focus, and with a small clearing of his throat to garner Quaptyziel's attention, Cab seeks to indicate as much. Boots lie at the ready; ripe and just waiting to be plucked. Cabrien begins stripping as he heads toward that pool, taking his time so as to allow Quap time to get into position.

Quaptyziel will strip as well, as he goes, may as well play the part, even if there is only one resident. He looks in the area indicated, and nods to Cabrien, as he heads that way, staying atleast in his shorts, at the moment. He glances at the resident who looks content enough to be lounging back in his seat, with his eyes closed, like no care in the world.

Cabrien purposefully steps between the lounging resident and Quaptyziel, leaving Quap in clear view and range of those boots. He slips into the water with a suffering little sigh. "Evening," is offered - and unreturned but for the resident grunting and mumbling something about candidates and rudeness and won't you shut-ups. Cab is ever so polite in doing just that, keeping in place to keep the man from noticing his boots are soon to be MIA. For a short while, at least, because he soon asks: "Mind getting me that soapsand over there?" Over there requiring the man to reach and twist, again further helping take his attention away from those prized boots.

Quaptyziel looks at the resident, and bblinks a moment, before raising an eyebrow. Boy, that guy must of had a rough day to be in that mood, or else he likes his privacy. He eyes the man, trying to put a name top the face, but his minds not bringing one up. He'll look around at any other occupants of tjhe cavern, to see if they're looking this way, but they seem to be minding their own business. Candidates hanging around after a day of chores wasn't that unusual, after all. He'll creep up to the boots, and carefully remove, amd set aside the guys socks that had been haphazardly flopped on the foot wear. No dropping them, as that makes noise, he'll set them down, before he picks up the boots. Now comes the tricky part, of sneaking back out.

Cabrien remains a solid 'wall'… tall enough to pull of playing one, and chatty enough to keep the resident from really being able to pay much attention to Quaptyziel. To be sure if it came right on down to it, Cabrien would play rodeo-clown to give Quap time to escape with those boots. Fortunately it's not yet needed as once the resident hands off the soapsand to Cabrien he slips back down into the water with his eyes closed - perhaps hoping Cabrien will take a hint and leave him in peace.

Quaptyziel will pluck up the boots, and eye the residdent, and other occupants, before he turns, and proceeds to creep out of the cavern. He walks out of the cavern acting 'natural', until he's clear, and then he's hurrying off with his bootnapped prize. He heads down the hall, eventually into the secret location, after checking noone was following, he'll slip inside to stash the stolen boots. He looks for a place to stash them, that's not already taken by another object they've gotten.

It'll be a good while later that Cabrien exits the baths and heads straight for the barracks, the resident having lounged longer than he and so all too likely to be upset with someone /else/ upon discovering his missing boots.

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