Ielyzity's history is short and sweet, much like her personality— hahahah, yeah right. She's only got the short part down. Born to Quiktala and Ty'ziel, both busybody parents in Fort Weyr, she was quickly dispatched to the Weyr nannies as soon as her mother could. And it's a good thing that Quiktala did that, because raising Ielyzity would have been a handful. As a baby Ielyzity was unusually quiet, with her mop of red hair and chubby cheeks making her a Nanny favorite. She was also quick to become attached to her two older brothers. Except all that silence was only saved up for when she learned to talk, from then on making sure to learn to get her way— and as soon as she learned to walk and run, it was hard to keep a hold of her. For the next several Turns in Fort Weyr, Zity grew up being the typical weyrbrat, and still kept in touch with her parents and other siblings from time to time, but remained closest to her older twin brothers.


Name Relation Position
Ty'ziel Father Bluerider
Quiktala Mother Baker
Y'ziel Older Brother Bluerider
Iktyziel Older Brother Candidate
Quaptyziel Older Brother Candidate


Spunky, blunt, and lacking manners is a good way of describing Ielyzity. She says what is usually on her mind, but is rather good at lying if it works for her too. She has a very bad habit of ignoring authority figures and having no manners at all, unless it suits her. Or if she remembers. It is likely from her lack of actually dealing with authority figures as she is still young enough to just run with the crowd of Weyrbrats and Nannies.

Her usual hangout spots are places she can get dirty, chasing strange new things and dares. It usually leaves her out exploring on her own, trying to find new ways to catch things, or else she could be found with her older brothers. While she loves to tease and torture them mercilessly, she is very protective of her brothers if anything were to happen to them. She loves to try anything and everything, if only to prove to people that she isn't too small – girly – young – insert any appropriate word here. If you want to get her to do something, tell her she can't do it.

Feelings About Dragons:

It's easy to figure out Zity's feelings about dragons. Her father is a rider, her older brother is a rider, and perhaps one day more of her family will be riders. It is just an everyday part of life. Being young and carefree right now, she isn't too thrilled about the responsibility of being a dragonrider, but she won't yet back down from the idea. She enjoys the time on her own too much to really be obsessed with the idea of being a rider. Deep inside, she does admire and is jealous of the freedom that a dragon represents, being able to go anywhere and everywhere in the blink of an eye. But these feelings are ones she keeps more to herself, happy to pretend to be nonchalant about the whole candidacy and possible Impression.

Favorite Eggs:

Solar Eclipse Egg and Cloaked in Brilliance Egg - tied in first! Zity likes shiny things, and both of these just have it written all over their shells. They're hard to resist! And how could Zity not like eggs that make her feel like the dragon in there is meant for trouble? Mischief and her go hand in hand, and that's what she got when she touched both of the eggs.

Cat's Eye Egg - It has the colors and the shiny, which attracts Zity right away, but the lazy prowling cat-like feeling she got from it is another thing that she relate to.

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