Ikty is a weyrbrat, one of bluerider Ty'ziel's many kidlets, and certainly one of the more interestingly-named of the brood. He has an elder twin brother, Quaptyziel, born just a candlemark sooner. Being fraternal, they're still more similar than different, including the same red hair and freckled appearance, though Ikt is currently the shorter of the two. Fostered at an early age, Iky and Quap grew up amongst the other Fortian weyrbrats, with their fair share of mischief and mayhem between them. Ikty is the more talkative, troublesome one, although he has far less of a temper. Prone to sneaking out of lessons (and subsequently getting sock-mending with the old aunties as punishment), Iktyziel has developed a bit of an adventurous streak, and a fairly decent ability to sew up holes in old socks.


Name Relation Location Position PC/NPC
Quiktala mother Fort Weyr Weyrfolk NPC
Ty'ziel father Fort Weyr bluerider NPC
Quaptyziel twin brother Fort Weyr candidate PC
Ielyzity little sister Fort Weyr weyrbrat PC
Y'ziel older half-brother Fort Weyr bluerider NPC
? foster mother Fort Weyr weyrfolk NPC


Iktyziel isn't terribly rude or terribly likely to get into fights, yet he still manages to somehow be in trouble on any given afternoon of the sevenday. Sneaking out of lessons, sneaking things out of the kitchens, sneaking into places he's not supposed to be on a dare - the boy ninjas about like he's training for it, but utterly fails on two points. One: his bright red hair makes him awfully conspicuous. And Two: he's just not very stealthy to begin with. The awkwardness of youth, coupled with a fairly talkative nature, have left him with little in the way of stealth. Still, according to his foster mother, the tendency to go exploring random tunnels is at least better than being ill-mannered and violent. Iktyziel is otherwise friendly, though he does speak his mind, sometimes when he shouldn't, and can be somewhat judgmental.

Feelings About Dragons:

Having grown up at a weyr, Iktyziel is used to seeing them, and doesn't have any particularly strong feelings, one way or another. His older brother, Y'ziel, often takes an interest in the younger siblings, and sometimes recruits them for trips out of the weyr, or to help out when he needs something done. Most of what Ikt knows about dragons, he's observed from his brother, and occasionally his father, though he sees the latter far less often. Like many young boys, there's certainly a fascination with the way dragons flame, and Ikt has more than a little enthusiasm for hearing about about it. He'll eagerly listen to the old uncles and harpers when they go on, at least, though getting him to sit still of his own free will, otherwise, is a chore and a half. He also thinks flying is pretty amazing, though he's not altogether sure about between. That bit unnerves him a little, perhaps understandably.

Favorite Eggs:

The Divine Mosaic Egg
Cloaked in Brilliance Egg
Trouble with Tribbles Egg
Golden Record Egg

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