Jedrek hails from a small cothold just south of Bitra. In the equivalent of a /very/ small town, the young man grew up the second oldest around copious amounts of brothers and sisters (think a small flock of children at any given time). His father, a farmer by the name of Derrik and his mother, a midwife trained at the Healer Hall named Jilliad raised him among the throng, paying as much heed to his upbringing as they could to any one of their seven children.

From a young age, Jedrek was fascinated with the workings of the human body; perhaps from watching the delivering of his siblings, or the number of other children born under their roof. Noting that the boy, while naturally intelligent, perhaps lacked the necessary discipline for Healer crafting, his parents had him informally apprenticed at fourteen to the next best thing: the cothold butcher. From then on, Jedrek was free to explore his somewhat odd and oftentimes macabre fascinations with the workings of bodies from a standpoint which would allow him to put food on the table (literally).

It was a few turns later when Jedrek would, in the company of his small gang of friends, take up the Bitran tradition of gambling — eventually leading him to Fort Weyr's doorstep on account of a wager. (You'll have to ask him about that sometime.) Thus, at nineteen turns of age, the young man became the Weyr Butcher and settled into weyr life with the same amount of wonder that a country bumpkin would have for big city life.

Jedrek was searched by D'yce by literally having a knot handed to him to increase the other man's odds of winning a wager, and then immediately impressed a small blue firelizard who he named Gizzard. At first, he was uncertain as to how to accept the implications that came with candidacy, but like most things — he eventually decided to let it roll off his back, and enjoy the ride.


Father: Derrick (Bitran Cothold Farmer)
Mother: Jilliad (Bitran Cothold Midwife (Healer Trained))
Siblings (from oldest to youngest): Rikiad (22), Jedrek (20), Liarik (18), Dillia (16), Aerik (15), Illida (14), Kadin (12)


Jedrek is kind of an odd bag of fish, if you'll pardon the expression. Overly polite, and possessing quite the Bitran drawl, the young man seems obsessed with two things: butchering and girls. (Although thankfully these never coincide.) Lacking any true street smarts, the young man relies on Lady Luck for a great deal of his decisions, and can be seen as to be having a somewhat lackadaisical attitude towards life, letting most things roll off of him without nary a care. Ever the optimist, even when he's getting shot down by females or misunderstood by men, he remains cheerful, and would likely tell you that, "Ta'morrow s'another day, eh?" and toss you one of his quirky grins.

The only times when Jedrek seems to get serious are regarding his trade (ask him about how hard it is to properly fillet a fish) or when his family is involved. Like the traditional Southern gentleman, Jedrek is fiercely defensive of his roots. And although it is hard to really rile him up, taking a shot at his relatives is an easy way.

In other words, Jedrek is generally a little doofy, but charming, and can often be found chatting up the ladies in the corner, oblivious to the fact that they're probably snickering at him behind his back.

Feelings About Dragons:

Since moving to Fort Weyr, Jedrek has more than quadrupled his interactions with dragons in the past turn. When he was a child, dragons were those very small things one would sometimes see flying overhead — with the occasional visitation to the Hold. Honestly, Jedrek is a little in awe of them in that "those are much larger than I am" kind of way. He has no visions or delusions of grandeur when it comes to the position of dragonriding, mostly assuming that like with everything else, that's just the way the cards fell for those folk. Since accepting candidacy, he has accepted the fact, albeit a tad superficially, that he could eventually find himself among their lot — but he feels like the odds are not in his favor, and is instead living in the moment, savoring the experience rather than thinking too much about the future.

Favorite Eggs:

Skeptic Egg
Sock Monster Egg
A Wild Rumpus Egg

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