Khoreliam is tall, broad-shouldered, and handsome, with brilliant green eyes and dark curly hair that needs trimming: it spills down the nape of his neck and frequently falls into his eyes. He radiates confidence and charm, with a smile that's just this side of cocky. His face and arms are tanned from being outdoors, his hands roughened by work. The clothing he wears is shabby and unfashionable: rough, simple work tunic and trousers in drab shades of brown, and battered boots of cracked leather.


OOC Note: Khoreliam has been cagey about the details of his history since arriving at the weyr. It's generally known that he was a farmer, and that he left a girlfriend behind, but not much else.

Khoreliam was born and raised at Fort Hold. When he was young, his mother married a moderately prosperous farmer named Hoster who tends land about an hour's walk from the main hold. Hoster made it clear to Khoreliam from the beginning that he was lucky to have a place on the farm at all. His younger half-siblings (eleven total, eight living) always had better clothing, softer beds, better toys — and during the lean years, they even had more to eat. Khoreliam worked as a field laborer on the farm, but he wasn't allowed any of the autonomy or responsibility given to Hoster's true sons, even though they're much younger.

Despite his problems, Khoreliam is personable and found many friends his age. He also formed a close relationship with an older leatherworker at the hold named Reymond. Reymond had offered to take Khoreliam on as an unofficial apprentice of sorts when he was fifteen, but Hoster was unwilling to lose his labor on the farm, and wouldn't allow it. Unknown to either of his parents, the lessons continued, and although Khoreliam hasn't progressed as quickly as he would if he'd been able to devote more time to it, he has a knack for leatherworking.

When he was eighteen, Khoreliam fell in love with a girl named Belatia at Fort Hold. After a while it became clear she returned his feelings and they courted in secret. Khoreliam began saving every thirty-second mark he can get his hands on. When he'd saved enough, he planned to buy passage on a ship to South Boll for the two of them. There he would try to find work as a leatherworker, to build up a business that could support their new family.

His plans abruptly changed when he ran into Imogen in an abandoned garden at the hold, where he'd gone to meet his girl. Imogen sussed out that he was discontent with his life at the hold and offered him the opportunity to go to the weyr as a candidate. The twist was that he wouldn't be allowed to bring Belatia with him. It was an agonizing decision, but Khoreliam finally decided that a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush — his Boll plan was always a long shot, and could have ended with him and Belatia both holdless. So he agreed to go to the weyr as a candidate, hoping that he could find some way to bring Belatia to him later.


Mother: Selia
Father: ?
Step-father: Hoster

8 un-named half-siblings


Khoreliam is handsome, friendly, and charming - he makes friends easily. He has a lot of anger and resentment toward his stepfather, but this rarely shows in his interactions with others. The only exception is that he's rather sensitive about his social status. He hates being perceived as poor - which is inevitable due to his shabby and unfashionable clothing.

Khoreliam is fairly mature and responsible. If he had been able to go through with his plan to marry Belatia, he would have worked very hard and been a good provider. He feels very out of place at the weyr, but he soldiers on good-naturedly — it's his duty, and it's also the only way he sees to achieve his goal of being together with Belatia AND out of the control of his stepfather. Khoreliam's good humor comes from the fact that he has confidence in the ultimate fairness of the universe - that if he keeps doing things right, eventually things will work out for him.

Feelings About Dragons:

Khoreliam has very little direct experience of dragons. What he knows about them comes out of teaching ballads and is thus very limited and idealized. He thinks of them as larger, more heroic versions of runners, with wings. Of course he respects dragons, because everyone is supposed to respect dragons (and their riders). The idea that they have the same intelligence as a human hasn't quite occurred to him. He finds their size a bit intimidating, though he'd never admit it.

Favorite Eggs:

Eggs? What eggs?

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