Khrysta is not actually very wordy about her history. Apparently she knows some of the riders from Ista Weyr, and she knows no few folks at Ista Hold.

She probably slept with them.


She has some. They are somewhere nearish Gar Hold. No, she doesn't want to talk about them. They farm.


Oh Faranath. Khrysta is… a walking advertisement to the loose and amoral ways of Ista - and even those from there think she's a bit much. If it has two legs, she'll hit on it. If it is over 18, she'll probably mean it. If it is under, she's a tease and WILL NOT actually go through with anything.

Other than that, she is… sort of friendly, a huge flirt, and willing to work for the most part. She also doesn't seem to be dragon-mad, but does hold dragonriders in some esteem.

Feelings About Dragons:

They are good reasons for getting into the water. They are an important part of keeping Pern safe. If she EVER GOES ON ONE AGAIN IT WILL BE TOO SOON!

Favorite Eggs:

IC: Khrysta has yet to even go looking for the Gallery. Those are not the dark and hidden spots she is looking for.

OOCly: Of Your Dreams - of course!

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