++++ History:
Kiaran was born and raised at Fort Weyr. He's the second of his mother's four children, but the only boy. Kiaran grew up as an awkward child, best friends with his younger sister Kiala. He was never quite what his overbearing mother expected him to be. As such, he was often in trouble for not being brave enough or polite enough. Kiaran spent a lot of time trying to make his mother proud, but he never succeeded in the same way his sisters did. His father lived elsewhere in the weyr. The man had a more affectionate relationship with his son, but still, Kiaran's father never quite understood the boy. Kiaran threw himself into lessons and books in response, although he had zero musical talent. He read anything he could get his hands on, spending much of his time living in a world of fiction or history, when he wasn't spending time with his sister.

As a teenager, Kiaran moved into the resident's dorm. This gave him some space from his mother, though she still knew exactly where to find him when he 'screwed up'. His skills in reading and neat writing earned a place working in the record's room as a scribe. It was a job Kiaran enjoyed, and one he felt very competent at.


Kedia Mother Greenrider
Roflan Father Fort Weyr Resident
Derana Older Sister Fort Weyr Resident
Kiala Younger Sister Healer Apprentice
Landria Younger Sister Child at Fort


Kiaran is not the most strong-willed individual. He is much more concerned with trying to make everyone around him happy than with what he really wants, most of the time. He's highly impressionable and very easy to manipulate into what someone would like him to do.

Kiaran also tends towards obsessiveness. This is most often related to organization or cleanliness. It's very selective based on some random pattern in Kiaran's head. Foods should not be mixed together before being eaten. Everything has to be perfectly ordered. Being covered in ink is no big deal, but one spot of dirt is a horrible thing. The vast majority of times that Kiaran is willing to stand up for himself relate in some way to this obsessiveness.

The former scribe is a bookish sort. He's not big on physical labor unless it makes things clean and orderly. He's most afraid of people being mad at him, but his rather overactive imagination can easily lead to other fears. Kiaran doesn't really understand why other people don't think the same way he does, and often he doesn't get the jokes people are making, even the ones at his expense. He's friendly, but not so good at making and keeping friends.

Feelings About Dragons:

Kiaran isn't afraid of dragons. He might be afraid of a dragon getting him dirty or a dragon spooking the herdbeasts, but he isn't afraid of dragons themselves. In fact, he kind of likes them. Maybe because they don't talk to him. Still, he can be wary around them, much like he would be around a person he's not sure of.

Favorite Eggs:

The Little Spaceship That Could Egg, The Catching the Light Egg

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