As willing as Lisyana is to speak, her history is not well known. Well, Lysa's history, for she insists on that name those almost half of those who hail from Ista call her Lisyana first. Still and all, it seems she's from Ista's Hold, and was something of a messenger/runner type - at the very least, she excels at the morning run, despite being so short.


Again, nothing she speaks of. On the other hand, the visiting Q'luin treats her like a little sister, even to the point of trying to ground her - and her usually retaliating with blackmail.


Sweet and cheerful and friendly. Also, vicious with a foot to the shin.

Feelings About Dragons:

She adores 'em. According to her, there's no dragon out there that isn't her friend. Speaking to them personally rather than their rider if both are present, she likes to give 'em gifts for whatever the reason. Well, if she has access to flowers.

Favorite Eggs:

Tarnished Jewelery Egg
Old Ragdoll Egg
Swarovski Crystal Egg

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