Scavenger Hunt: Ikty, Zity and Trilly grab some sand

It's currently late winter on the northern continent. The Starsmiths say it is 12 Turns and 14 days into the 10th Pass. It is evening at Fort Weyr. Bitter gusts wrack the snowy skies.

Characters: Trill, Iktyziel, Ielyzity
Summary: Faceplants and sand steals.

Hatching Grounds' Entrance (#878J)
High-arching, grandiose: sound echoes and re-echoes within the curvilinear lines of this tunnel. Heat rolls off the sands beyond, assaulting the senses as soon as one enters; that innermost cavern beckons like a beacon: bright, sparkling, teasing with a few scattered fool's gold grains. The showy galleries reach high above, accessible by sweeping staircases that twine along twin marble pillars; intricately carved depictions face the walls in bas relief, contours smoothed by time and passersby's touch. One sculpture in particular draws the eye, more lustrous than the rest: a hatching dragonet, it bears the signs of turns upon turns of sweaty, loving palms brushing across its muzzle, in the hopes that it will bring rumored-of good luck.
Obvious exits:
Bowl SAnds STairs
You walk northeastward across the huge cavern, easily a quarter the size of Fort Weyr's immense bowl.

Trillian jauntily strolls across the bowl, the cold air condensing around her breath as she whistles. A bucket is swinging at her side and a small scooping. Contraption? Uhoh. She kneels at the edge of the hatching sands, contemplating, and getting an eyefull of that queen who is likely patrolling her hood.

Iktyziel is.. lurking about. He usually is, someplace or another, though the boy appears to have been on his way out of the galleries when the whistling catches his attention. He idly turns around to follow, hands tucked deep into jacket pockets. He pads after Trillian, like a short, red-headed shadow. Doot dee doo.. nothing to see here.

Two scoopers are better than one, right? It's Ielyzity's scooper of course, though it looks more like a little shovel she stole from a gardener from inside the Weyr, seeing that they're not using it in this kind of weather. "It's not like we're doing anything /wrong/?" she says as she comes up behind Trillian, not really being subtle about it. She glances from the bucket the other girl has to the dragons on the Sands, warily.

Trillian kneels on the edges of the sands and sets up her little..crane..pully thing. She looks around warily, "We're not allowed on the sands. Logically,I think it is because the queen might think we might hurt her eggs. Or lick them.." she scans the skies for the egg licking Ceruuth as she places the bucket to her right. "We should get this done fast before people ask questions. If they do ask though." she lowers her voice, "I will tell them I need a counterweight for my snow launcher. Or a sandbag for under my bedpost, since it is wobbly."

Iktyziel hangs back, watching the girls, and just maybe keeping a lookout. He's without scooper, alas, but he'll helpfully answer Ielzity, "I guess some dragons get really upset when there are people near their eggs. Since there hasn't been a clutch in turns.." he looks out over the hatching sands, "At least we can see them now." Because only getting to hear the rumors and with guards posted and everything ..might have been a little unnerving. Trillian's answer for her excuses for being there earns a browraise, Ikt commenting, "Those are ..some interesting reasons." Yep.

Ielyzity glances over her shoulder towards her brother, narrowing her eyes at his lack of putting himself out in the danger zone. "Not like the fat Queens can really get to us fast enough before we're out of here. We're /far/ from the eggs." She squats down near Trillian, eyes glancing back and forth from the dragons to the bucket, trying to scoop. Unfortunately the constant glances means she misses the bucket quite a few times. "Could just say we're getting sand cause my firelizard laid an egg." Forget that her firelizard is a blue and a baby. Said firelizard is, at the moment, tangled in her red hair and staring at Iktyziel. No hissing at least.

Trillian stops winding her scooping device a bit and ponders, "I believe that if a queen wanted to get us, the sheer length of her legs and her size, and her ability to fly above us would mean we would die quickly. Gizzards all over the place. Quite messy." And back to scooping. "That would be a valid excuse, Iely, I do think. If they do not accept my excuses."

Iktyziel has no scooper! Besides, how long does it take to fill one bucket? "You cold just scoop it up with the bucket," he suggests, seeing how many time Zit is missing the thing. He nods at the excuse of the firelizard egg, though, saying, "Or maybe we found some eggs- oh hey.." eyes widening with sudden idea! "Hey Zit, do you think you could tunnelsnake eggs down in the caverns? You're always hunting those things. You could say they're firelizard eggs, maybe paint them up.. stick them in the bucket." And incidentally, give anyone who tries to /steal/ the busket, a nasty surprise when the things hatch. Ahem. Ikty will just IGNoRE the blue terror in Iel's hair. He's busy watching for riders anyways. "Yeah.. she's probably right," he does agree with Trillian, "Unless we could run into some place small enough."

"Well, she won't go /that/ far from her eggs, right?" Ielyzity points out with her eyes on the dragons for a long moment, as if expecting to put their theories to the test. "The second she moves, we throw the bucket and split up. Can't get all of us. Hopefully she'll go for the bigger target first." And there's a not-so-subtle pointed look over her shoulder at her older brother, but her evil grin turns brighter at his idea instead. "Hey! I like that! And I bet I could watch where they go and find a nest, instead of just snaring the sharding buggers." Insert cackle. "Might be too small for firelizard eggs but a perfect excuse to keep the bucket 'round! Whatcha think Trillian?" She doesn't have the bucket, but she's stubbornly still scooping with her little shovel. And this time she's purposely missing, if only to make her brother sweat some more.

Trillian is almost finished scooping up the sand to the bucket. "I ..don't know." she says contemplatively, shuddering when Iktyziel mentions tunnelsnakes, "Those things make me shudder. Their fangs alone.." Let it be known that Trill has a fear of snakes. "We need to hide the bucket well so that the others won't steal it. Where should we put it?" A thought, "Maybe under my bed? I have many items under there, hard to distinguish what is what."

Iktyziel shrugs, "She might not, but I'll bet she'd be willing to send other dragons after us." The dragons there are eyed as well, though the lad doesn't seem so much worried about them as anyone /else/ who might be wandering by. There are more than a few looks over his shulder as he stands watch. "Hopefully she'll go for the annoying one first," Ikt counters, with a pointed look at Zit, nodding about the tunnelsnakes, "Maybe.." for being too small. He hasn't exactly spend enough time around 'snake eggs to be able to make an accurate comparison.
As for where to hide it, Iktyziel contemplates, "Near our stuff might be easy to look through, though. Hmm.." the lad pondering while he continues to glance around, "Perhaps somewhere in the storage caverns? Put it far in the back behind a bunch of things, and no one would be able to find it." Including them, if they're not careful.

Ielyzity sticks her tongue out at Iktyziel but quickly forgets what it was all about. "I still like the 'snakes idea." She just sprinkles sand on the top of the bucket, since Trillian is really the one that filled the bucket in the most. "Tunnelsnakes aren't all that bad." Pause. "When they're dead. Dead tunnelsnakes makes people really really happy, and gives me marks," she goes on, smirking to herself. "Gonna need a good guard if it's somewhere easily found like under beds or in the barracks." She sinks the shovel into the sand, leaving it there this time. She bobs her head to the idea of the storage cavern, adding no other ideas of her own. "I wonder where /they/ are gonna hide their stuff. So much easier to steal from them instead." Her green eyes stare hard at the dragons, body tensed and ready to jump and run out of there. Just in case.

Trillian stands, filling the bucket with just a little bit more sand on the top. And then, she tries to grab it, raising her arm, and proclaiming, "NO snakes. To the storage cav-!" but she takes one step and falls flat on her face /into/ the hatching sands, shreiking and jumping up to wipe the scorching hot grains off her cheek. Especially the cut that was recently inflicted by her flying stomach. "Faaranth..that smarts" she exclaims, wincing.

Iktyziel resists the urge to stick his tongue out, wrinkling his nose at his sister instead. "We could boil the eggs, to keep them from hatching," he suggests to Trillian, "It isn't as if we're going to need the sand afterward. We can just throw it out." Stinky rotten eggs mught be just as good a deterrent against stealing, really. "Dead tunnelsnakes are better than live ones," Ikty will agree with that, at least. "We should-" he begins, but then Trillian is doing a faceplant in the sands and he rushes forward, offering a hand up with a, "Trill! Are you alright?"

Ielyzity gives the sand on the top of the bucket a pat while she makes a face at Iktyziel's new suggestion. "And have the /smell/ lead the other team to our hiding spot? No way! Live ones will work, cause if someone stumbles on it they'll just think it's someone's firelizards. Or something." Then again, who can resist stealing firelizard eggs then if there was no angry gold guarding them? Zity is about to stand up after Trillian, but when the other girl topples over, Zity breaks out into loud laughter. She sits heavily on the ground, watching Trillian get up. "Oh— shells that's— hahaha— sorry!" Snortgiggles escape her, but no sympathy. Anyway, that's what her brother is there for. It takes a little bit, but finally she clamps a hand over her mouth and swivels her eyes to the dragons, expecting to find them ready to eat her now.

"A bit charred, but I think I'll live," Trill utters faintly, with one of those 'not crying, but it still smarts' tears in her eyes. Bending over, she quickly shoves the rest of the sand in the bucket and nods, "Let us go, I think if I grab some snow and put it on my cheek, it will help things." And off she goes. Hopefully they'll follow.

Iktyziel shrugs, "So stick some more eggs in other places around the storage cavern." Make the whole place smell awful! Okay.. maybe not. "I don't think it'll smell until the shells break," the boy shrugs again, having never spent all that much time around rotten eggs, either. Ahem. "/Zit/," he mutters as she starts laughing, and making noise, the boy tossing a glance at the dragons, and making a shush at his sister. Nose wrinkled up, he heads off after Trillian, saying, "Good idea," and hurrying his steps.

"Sounds stupid to me," Ielyzity say about her brother's recent ideas. She probably just really likes the thought of hatching their own tunnelsnakes. Makes business easier, right? She doesn't need to be told twice, scrambling out of the sand and back onto her feet, shaking off sand as she goes. "Wait for me!" she squeaks out. She's certainly terrified now more than before of being eaten by the clutchparents, glancing over her shoulder once before running after the other two.

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