Trill and Arelle Help Kids do Art

OOC Date: 11/16/10
Summary: Arelle is some kind of Pernese Mary Poppins, and assists Trill in obtaining three sets of handprints from Madri's triplets.

It's currently early spring on the northern continent.The Starsmiths say it is 12 Turns, 1 month, and 17 days into the 10th Pass. It is afternoon at Fort Weyr. The sky is clear and fresh, the winds strong.

Creche (#3224J)
There are two busy rooms here. The first, a large, brightly colored playroom, is filled with toys, small, soft rugs, and child-sized tables and chairs. Another section of the room has small beds which are able to be pulled out for sleeping at night. The second room, separated from the other by a thick hanging, is the infants' sleeping room. This is pretty obvious, as there are two rows of baby beds, several rocking chairs, and many, many stuffed animals around. Both rooms are usually overseen by a nanny or two, though there are those moments when an unsuspecting parent is called into duty for a while.
Obvious exits:

Arelle has arrived.

After speaking with the nanny on duty briefly, Arelle slips towards the large playroom where most of the children are, and claps her hands to get their attention. "Alright children, it's time to play a game. Who wants to get dirty?" she offers as enticement, knowing how much the children like to get dirty.

Trillian is also there, trying to get a little boy to put his pants on. Did someone say dirty? Some food is already splattered in her hair and she looks a bit frazzled. But, the second Arelle comes in the room, the little boy, Noden, starts to behave. Because Arelle is like Mary Poppins or somebody with the magic touch. "Me Me Me!" he jumps up and down, and is sufficiently distracted enough to allow the candidate to get his pants back on. And it seems that the chorus of other children (including the trio of Thamir, Tamari and Tamidra) agrees with him.

Arelle laughs, sharing a brief look of commiseration with Trillian, remembering how hard it used to be for her to help the younger children. "Well then the first thing we're going to do is get out the paints and get our hands alllll sticky with it to draw pictures. But here's the fun part - you're all going to sign your picture with your handprint since most of you can't write your names yet. Does that sound like fun?" she asks as she heads towards where the paints and spare hides are stored.

Trillian gives a sly look to Arelle, "Ah I love drawing pictures with handprintS" she emphasizes the S. "I'm going to make mine blue!" She proclaims, arranging some little chairs around the tables so that the kids can sit down and make themselves an art station. A few chairs have been turned over on their sides and some stacked in odd ways. Those rambunctious kids.

Arelle winks briefly at Trillian and sets out the paints for the kids. "Now just remember to share the colors. If you're really good while you draw your pictures even, we won't make you help clean up after, you'll get to go play after you're cleaned up. Can you do that?" coerce them to behave with the promise of more play-time later without having to clean - every child's dream.

Trillian makes sure every kid has a scrap of hide to draw on and grins while listening to Arelly Poppins, the miracle nanny. And as the kids begin to draw, she walks about, looking at what each is drawing, and offering help if it is needed, "I think you should draw flamethrow-" but a stern look from one of the nannies has her changing what she's saying. "A flower. Yes, more logical for a young person. Or a fingerroot." And then she reaches the area where the triplets are sitting, asking each one, "What are you drawing?" Each gets a different answer, "A flower!" Says Tamari, "Elsveth!" says Tamidra, and "A tunnelsnake!" says Thamir.

"Oh, such wonderful drawings you're all doing, children! That fish jumping out of the lake is excellent!" Arelle compliments as she stops by one of the older children, wishing she could remember the girl's name. Her eyes keep a look-out over the children to ensure that they aren't making too much of a mess since she'll have to clean it up, but it seems they're all behaving, quite intent on their drawings. Some of the younger ones are extra messy, but that's to be expected. "We may have to see if the cooks have any special treats for so many talented artists!"

Trillian agrees with Arelle, "Oh yes, I very much like this one of a herdbeast." She points to another child's drawing, only to get a scowl, "That's my daddy's dragon!" says the little boy. "Oh, right," Trill offers, somewhat embarrased. Approaching Arelle, she asks,"So we should put these drawings up on the wall in a place of honor, right?" She would assume.

Arelle hides a laugh with a cough, which she covers with her hand and nods to Trillian's question. "Absolutely. Such wonderful works of art definitely need to be displayed. we can take care of that after we clean up." she glances towards the entrance to the playroom where the head nanny is standing. "Okay children, finish up your drawings and get them signed. Its almost time to go outside to play."

The children are only too glad to finish up and run outside to play. And while they are out there, Trill and Arelle make the area spotless and hang up all the drawings. All but three from the triplets, which are stored in a secret and safe place. They won't be noticed for a little while because the kids are playing and then brought inside for sweet snackages. That and there are so many drawings, that it is easy enough to not notice a few missing.

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