Semper Ubi Sub Ubi (Always wear under where)

OOC Time: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
Characters: Trillian, Iktyziel
Summary: The hunt is inspiring more kleptomaniacal tendencies; Trill and Ikty go laundry diving and emerge with U'rr's underwear, Merci's bra, and Quaptyziel's pants.

It's currently early spring on the northern continent. The Starsmiths say it is 12 Turns and 22 days into the 10th Pass. It is sunset at Fort Weyr. Hazy clouds warm the sky.

Laundry Caverns(Promenade) (#13713J)
This small side cavern is filled with clothes, tubs, and sudsy pools of hot water. Piles and piles of dirty laundry lie about, heaped here and there, while rope criss-crosses the clearer areas, for hanging things up to dry. The steady drip attests to that, this place always a little humid, even when not filled with drudges and weyrfolk scrub-scrubbing away. Baskets line the walls, along with shelves of various brushes and other cleaning supplies.
Iktyziel is here.
Obvious exits:

Whether or not Trill is damp from working the laundry caverns or damp because she just came from a bath, is not for certain. But she's up to her elbows in sudsy water and is scrubbing a huuuuge pair of polka dotted pantaloons. "Who wears underwear like this?" She grumbles. "I don't even know anybody of this size in the weyr." She holds up the pair to the light, stretching them out until a laundry drudge taps her on the shoulder, coughing a bit. Trill squeaks and submerges the items once more.

"One of the old aunties; it has to be," a short red-headded lad comments. Iktyziel is lurking! Again. "Or maybe someone has.. really interesting hobbies," is said more wryly as he sneaks into the laundry room, idly wandering over towards the other candidate as casually as he can. He's smile all innocently to that drudge too. Just look at those big, soulful hazel eyes and that cherubi little face. Isn't he precious? Pr possibly plotting something. Ahem. Hands tucked behind him, he peeks at the laundry around Trillian, voice lowering when he comes decently close, "So.. have you found anything else interesting in here?" pasing after a moment to think before adding a little louder, "I think I lost my left sock somewhere. Maybe you ould help me find it."

Trillian snorts, "I have seen some very fat old aunties." And another load of laundry is dumped into her tub. "I feel like people are purchasing more and more clothes lately. Or there is an explosion of residents," Trill remarks, "Because the laundry seems to get more each time I'm in here. Although, I tend to recognize some items. Like that-" she points, "That is Imogen's trousers." And very attractive they are, those trousers.

"You might be right," Ikt nods slowly, eyeing the surrounding laundry, "Or maybe they just keep getting them dirtier than usual?" He doesn't know, though the sheer amount of clothing is given a rather.. suspiious look, "I'm going to have to be in here later this sevenday," nose wrinkling a bit, "Dish washing was bad enough." His hands might still be all pruny! Chances are, the lad never managed to defeat that one dirty pot, either. He glanes over at the indicated pants, eyebrows rising a little, "Huh, I thought I saw Quap's and Zit's in here somewhere." Pants, he means, likely.

Trillian hrms, "Well with it being winter, I think everyone was wearing /more/ clothes. Odds are, perhaps more layers mean more washing hmm?" She tosses aside the pantaloons and starts working on a heavy sweater, possibly made of llama hair, or heavy wool. "I do not like these things, too prickly." She mutters, twiddling her fingres around one brown sudsy sleeve. Meanwhile, a male laundry drudge enters the caverns with a large basket, hefting it onto its own table. Bending over it, he starts sorting. Another drudge approaches, "Stuck with the weyrleader's laundry this time hm?" The first replies, "Yes. Always a joy." The second drudge starts, "Makes you-" The first finishes, "Fold them just so and wash them in their own tub. Yes."

Iktyziel nods, "Yeah, there are definitely more layers." And as he looks around the various laundry piles, there's a slight grimace, "Why couldn't the golds have risen in the spring, instead?" Just to make laundry chores easier! Still, he turns back when she comments on the sweater, Ikt peering over Trillian's shoulder, "Those smell strange when wet, too," wrinkling his nose, whether or not he can smell the thing. "I'll bet whovever that belongs to won't even notice the difference between clean and dir.." trailing off as he hears the talk of the weyrleader's laundry. Eyes dart in that direction briefly, before he turns to Trillian with raised brows, a silent question there.

Question answered with Trillian nodding her head and gesturing slightly with her shoulder towards said drudge. She fishes out the dripping nasty sweater and makes her way over to laundry drudge who is currently folding and sorting the weyrleader's vests. And making another pile of unmentionables. "Excuse me, sir?" Trill asks, drawing it out until Ikty can hopefully get over there. "Can you tell me the best way to wash one of these sweaters? Beacause I feel like, it is more logical to wash them more gently and with special soap. They are very thick and hairy.." she flips the sleeve infront of said drudge's face a few times. The drudge staares, looking over at her and temporarily not at the clothes pile. "I see you in here all the time, you seriously don't know how to wash a sweater?"

As soon as the other candidate heads over, Iktyziel begins a-wandering towards the undies, head moving back and forth as if searching the various laundry piles. "Mm.. left sock.. left sock.. where ould it be?" is mumbled to himself. Out of the corner of his eye, he can SEE the target. Wandering.. wandering.. ooover thisaway. He'll just carually stretch a little while not at all looking at the undies and.. SWIPE. Target aquired! And gets pocketed very quickly. There's an eye-dart around to make sure no one was looking as he just continues on his way. And then he spots something ELSE. "Oh, hey, my stuff. I can take these back to the barraks sine they're clean," offered oh so politely to the drudge currently hauling the lot. He'll just nab a couple of pairs of pants, and then wander off toward the exit. Doot dee doo. Stealthy Ikty-thief is stealthy!

As Ikty grabs the unmentionables, Trillian looks embarassed, "Oh uh, I.. you're right. Nevermind." She says apologetically, to the laundry drudge going back to her own tub. Scrubba scrubba, nothing to seee here. Except more crusty shorts from some stablehand or something. Ewwww. Trillian wrinkles her nose. "I shudder to think what they have done to /get/ these that dirty." She offers as laundry drudge #1 goes back to folding the items. In his annoyance at a useless question, he forgot to count how many of each item he was folding. Oh well.

With so many drudges coming and going, who's to notie one more, a plump little woman babbling on about the stuff in her basket. That gets plopped on a table not too far from the entrane with a, "Hmph! Would think that brownrider would have more than this. Half a load is that Merci's, and from this whole sevenday." There are indeed very few clothes in there, though whether the rest have already een washed already, who knows. Ikt, upon hearing this, pauses just outside the laundry room, brow rising, as hazel eyes flick to Trillian. That drudge dumps out the laundry into a dirty-clothes pile and moves along, a-sorting the clean stuff on a nearby table, la la la..

Trillian heard that too and looks over to Ikty quickly. Thankfully the dirty laundry pile is nearby where Trill has her station, so she just walks over and grabs a big handfull, "I'll take those," she offers, throwing them into her tub and scrubbing vigorously. With her back to everyone, you can't tell that she is bringing items to the surface, one by one until she finds a bra in particular. She takes one hand out of the water to seemingly scratch an itch on her other arm by using her other sleeve. A sleeve that as it falls back down to her wrist, is used as a bra storage device. Quickly shoving her sleeve back up to her elbow, she resumes her duties. MWa ha ha.

Iktyziel spots Trillian snagging the dirty laundry, and gives her a little head-bob. Good luck! Though he isn't close enough to spot the bra-snatching. He'll just have to hope she manages to nab it while he makes off with the pilfered pants - of both sorts!

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