Trill and Ikty Find a Hidden Room

OOC Date: 11/12/10
Characters: Trill, Iktyziel
Summary: Trill and Ikty find a hidden room.

It's currently early spring on the northern continent.The Starsmiths say it is 12 Turns and 1 month into the 10th Pass. It is midmorning at Fort Weyr, the sky is clear and fresh and the winds are strong.

The Beach! (#532J)
This thin strip of cozy sand lines the southwestern rim of the Weyr, leading from the cave-in northward almost to the fence of the feeding pens, where the lake carves out some water for the herdbeasts. Cliff to one side, water to the other, there's no direct Bowl access other than by air or through the lake itself; thus, particularly in colder weather, it's often a good, quiet place to think. In warmer weather, however, relaxing (and drying off) on the beach proves to be a delightful pastime, serenaded by the assorted bugles and splashes of dragonkin revelling in the lake. At the end opposite the herdbeasts, the sand becomes a little grassy, with even a clump here and there. Some interpid weyrfolk have chipped out handholds in the rock, where cliff meets water, angling up and up again above the lake.
It is a spring midmorning. The sky is clear and fresh, the winds strong.
You see Hadamarth, Bo, Alyx, Tauroth, and Kaijuth here.
Obvious exits:

Iktyziel wades out of the lake.

Trillian is sitting on the beach, playing with her snow-apult. And a very fussy bronze firelizard. Except it is no longer full of snow, there is a large covered bowl of meat sitting right next to it. Voor snarls and jumps and is scrabbling in Trill's hair when she loads up a large chunk of meat in the meat a pult and sails it across the lake. FWOOOOOSH. Voor shoots up into the air and goes after it.

Iktyziel is bundled, as usual, an untidy mess of red hair sticking up atop the layers of scarves, gloves, and other assorted clothing. The lad is looking especially cheerful, humming tunelessly as he wanders. Spotting Trillian and her contraption over there, a hand raises to call a, "Hey," to her, the boy wandering over with a curious headtilt for the meat there. "You're.. working on training him?" is asked, somewhat dubiously, while he watches the path of the flying meat, "That would be rather good for a food fight." Not that the Ikt is planning to start one anytime soon. Ahem.

Voor retrieves the meat and starts gnawing on it a few feet away from his humanpet. Trill nods, looking quite tired. "Working on it. Its not so much training as I can get him to chase anything that is bloody. But also, I found that making noises from a wineglass works to calm him a little. Not that i know when I'll get another opportunity to try it." She loads another chunk of meat but it seems that the trajectory of the catapult is a bit off so that it plunks into the water. Fail. She tries again, restringing it a bit but this time it is over extending, and the meat flies into an odd indentation into the cliffs right above the lake. "What? Where did that one go?" Trill says, confused. Voor follows and is soon out of sight in the cliff's side.

Iktyziel wrinkles his nose a little at the meat-gnawy Voor, "Perhaps you should only feed him when he behaves? It might make him less.." pausing to ponder there, "..likely to tear up your things." Or Trillian's face, possibly. "There may be wine glasses in the storage caverns," the boy continues thoughtfully, "Or at leeast something similar enough? I could help you look, if you'd like." The next two chunks of flying meat are watched with a tugging grin, "It would definitely be useful in a food fight." Oh yes, unsubtle hinting there, ahem. He does blink at the disappearing meat, though, eyebrows sneaking upward, "I think it went up there," pointing and moving closer to the cliff face, thoughts of pelting meat at people momentarily forgotten.

Trillian stands up. "Yes, but a food fight is an illogical waste of food. I am fine with snow flinging because it is not an extremely useful item." She offers, brushing off her pants legs from the sand that had been hiding there. A pause, as she surveys the cliffside, "I kind of want to see what's up there." She mentions, going to a part of the beach that is closest to where there are apparent hand holds in the cliff. "Come with me!" She gestures, meat flinging momentarily forgotten.

"Snow is useful," Iktyziel protests quietly, though the lad is slightly distracted as he catches sight of those handholds in the rock. Eyebrows sneak up further, as Iky starts forward with an, "Oh, hey.. look at this." There's a bob of his head for Trillian, "Yeah, me too," following after the other candidate, "I wonder who made these.. My brother used to tell me not to go poking around in places like this," though the red-head's slight grin makes it fairly obvious he isn't taking /that/ warning seriously.

Sandy Ledge
Set high enough off the beach to make jumping dangerous, one could make a brave 'leap' into the lake instead. The waters here have been cleared of rocks and debris, but cliff jumping always has its dangers.
The view, however, is splendid, with the curve of the lake spreading out toward bowl and distant caverns and caves. There is little protection from the sun or weather, but a few natural alcoves provide some nice warm and sandy nests the firelizards have taken a liking to.
Though not too large, the ledge provides enough room for humans to catch some sun, and someone has strung a hammock up between two metal rings set solidly into the wall.
Obvious exits:
Beach Leap

Iktyziel clambers up from the beach.

Trillian is suitably impressed by the view from the ledge and the hammock. "You know, I wouldn't mind sitting here for a while. I'm on lunch break anyway." She remarks, watching Voor roll around on the floor with his piece of meat. Such an odd little thing. "I do not know who made the hand holds, possibly other candidates or riders who wanted to hide out for a while," she says, leaning against a rocky outcropping and closing her eyes, while the warm rays of Rukbat shine on her pale skin.

Iktyziel climbs up slowly, plopping down right on the edge when he gets to the ledge, and letting his feet hang over. "It is pretty nice up here," he nods, leaning back a bt on his hands and admiring the view. "This is a good place to hide out," is said with a careful look around, "I don't have anymore chores today. I was supposed to help out in the storage caverns, but they let me go early because everything was already organized on the shelves they were moving." He has to grin a little there, the cheerful written all over his expression, "I guess I know where to go the next time I need to escape the nannies." Though he has to pause, thinking this over, "I guess it wouldn't be as nice if the weather weren't sunny, though."

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