Trill Steals from the Weyrwoman

OOC Date: 11/12/10
Characters: Trillian
Summary: Trill feels more guilty and bad than with the other items, but she obtains something from a weyrwoman's chambers.

It's currently early spring on the northern continent. The Starsmiths say it is 12 Turns, 1 month, and 1 day into the 10th Pass. It is afternoon at Fort Weyr, the sky is clear and fresh, and the winds are strong.

Eviyath's Weyr
Smooth walls stretch upward in the broad, organic arc only solid stone can support. They meet in a kind of cathedral ceiling that blends and magnifies little noises into a melodic susurrus. Even empty, it's the kind of place that talks to itself.
An uncurtained entrance leads into a smaller, kidney-shaped chamber and its tiny, priceless bath. Reflected glowlight capers on the ceiling, and the cool, soapy smell of the water perfumes the rest of the cavern. In one dim corner of the main chamber a canopy of crazy-quilt patchwork over the double bed mitigates the agoraphobia of living in a cavern. It glimmers with patches of cranberry satin, brown velveteen, and bronze taffeta and adds to the chaos of quilts on the mattress.
Long shelves hold a riot of pottery, books, and soft embroidered things, and a mural rises up the walls, sort of a multimedia bloom of paint and ceramic tiles in oceanic colors. The books and hides on the big round table and the laundry hung on the mismatched chairs prove this place is occupied. A thick green vine, propped up with withes, probes into the darkness of the cavern from the ledge.
Obvious exits:

Sneak sneak sneak. Sneak sneak sneak. In hushed tones, a female voice is heard as she enters the sacred chambers of a weyrwoman. "I don't know why she wouldn't be amenable to loaning us a glass for just one day," Trill mutters to herself, "But as long as I'm careful and return it as soon as possible, I don't think there'll be an issue with it." She cautiously takes a peek in and finds nobody home. Most excellent. She attempts stealth as she examines the area for likely locations. All at once, she becomes aware of an aged wood cabinet with glass panes, highlighting the weyrwoman's most treasured possessions. Namely, cut-crystal decanters, wine glasses, and liqueur glasses, that look very expensive..and delicate. "Mm.." the girl hesitates, jiggling the cabinet handle until it opens. "I hope I bought enough padding.." She unearths from her satchel a small box, which is wrapped in, what else, her treasured towel. "I'm sorry, Eleni." She frowns, grabbing a small liquer glass and scooting the larger glasses slightly to the right to hopefully hide its absence from view for a few days. Glass is wrapped tightly and carefully with her towel and placed in the box, which is tied shut with a rope and hidden back in her satchel. And the girl sneaks out once more, hopefully unnoticed.

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