Pretty without being beautiful, Miahve has a few features that could use improvement: her brown eyes often look squinty (especially when she smiles), and her nose is snub with a bit too much broadness to it. Traces of childhood chubbiness still rounding into womanly curves also plump her dimpled cheeks and chin, but she's not - on the whole - an unattractive young woman. Her hair hangs in long, dishwater blond waves when loose, with neither the perfect straightness nor the artistic curliness that teenage girls tend to prize. She stands just over 5'7 tall, and her complexion is only middling fair, neither bronzed nor milky, complete with the occasional blemish of adolescence.

The knot of a Fort Weyr Candidate may not match perfectly with her attire, but she wears it anyway.

Clothed as suits the weather, Miahve wears a skyblue blouse with narrow straps, tucked into a khaki-colored corduroy skirt cut to calf-length, sometimes with the addition of a loose-fitting knitted sweater in deep lilac wool. A plum, black, and white striped scarf is as much for style as it is for function, though at least the little brown flats are adequately serviceable. She wears her hair in a tidy french braid today, the tail of it left in soft waves down her back. Blight regards you, perched atop Miahve's shoulder.


Things most people will probably never find out about Miahve:

  • A child born out of wedlock to a well-to-do young woman from the Tillek area, who was hastily fostered away to family friends to try to avoid ruining her mother's marriage prospects.
  • Miahve was reared as her foster-parent's own child, well-loved despite the inauspicious birth.
  • Her foster-father, being a Harper himself, steered her toward the Craft and helped arrange her apprenticeship to the Crafthall when she was thirteen.

Things that are pretty commonly known:

  • Her strengths are in art and scribing more than music, where she's only passingly adept.
  • She was asked to stand by Imogen and Hestiath.


Not that Miahve talks about them much, but she does refer to her foster-parents as her mother and father, with no mention made of the fact that they're not blood relatives. There's no mention made of any siblings.


Miahve's an intensely private person. She seldom shares anything beyond the superficial, and part of the masque used to keep her thoughts and feelings private is a quick, often acidic sense of humor. She's the first one to make a joke, even at her own expense, and has a dark mirth about her. Stand-offish by nature with a firm sense of personal space, she hasn't acclimated all that well into the touchy-feely ease and closeness of Weyr life, and has kept a kind of distance about herself since Search, not forming any deep or strong friendships thus far.

Feelings About Dragons:


Favorite Eggs:

  • Soul for a Song Egg
  • Queen of Air and Darkness Egg
  • By the Werelight Egg

(What? Apparently, Rylsar just writes eggs that I like!)

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