Sands alive!

OOC Time: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
Season (North Continent): Late winter.
Weather: Hazy clouds warm the sky.
Current Location: Hatching Grounds' Entrance (#878J) - Zone: Fort Weyr
Room Occupants:
Quaptyziel and Wehlim

It's evening in Fort, and with Rukbat's rays diminishing, most folks are either in the caverns having dinner, or in their own quarters, getting ready to turn in. Quaptyziel's slipped out of the caverns, after dinner. He's bundled up for the cold as he heads across the bowl, toward the hatching grounds, which is deserted, atleast in terms of humans.

Well.. not entirely deserted. Wehlim is present, high up in the stands, working on sewing something that's big together. There's a box next to him, holding supplies that he's been using, as well as being a carrying case for the item on his lap. A long stretch of white cloth that's strangely not candidate robes. He's taking a break from the kitchens, and is finished with his candidate chores, and had something else pressing to complete.

Quaptyziel is carrying something with him too, as he goes. A bucket that he got from the stores, as well as something to scoop stuff with. Only he's not after snow, but sand. First though, he'll set down his tools, before he moves his way up into the galleries, to check to see if they're really deserted. Only to find…another candidate. "Oh, hey Wehlim." He greets, with a grin. "Working on your robe?"

Wehlim looks up and its with an initially wary regard that he greets Quaptyziel. A few seconds pass, and that regard passes, changing into something a little more easy going. "Oh.. Hey. No, not my robes." He looks down at the white cloth as he speaks. Indeed, it's too thick and of the wrong material to make a good robe, and despite the fact that he's very tall for his age, it's likewise just way too much for him. He's sewing up the big gashes that marr it in certain parts, but Quaptyziel's entrance puts that job aside. "This is for.. you know.. I'll tell you later. Maybe you can help with it." He grins a little. Then that grin fades and he shrugs. "Or not." The last time he asked someone to help with it.. The reception left him cold. He clears his throat. "So, what're you here for? Eggs or..?" And yes, he does mean 'that' particular or.

Quaptyziel raises an eyebrow, and eyes the object in question, trying to see what it is. "Well, I could help if you want." He says. "Or…not if you don't." He adds, and moves to sit down for a moment. "Oh here to look at the eggs, while it's quiet." He says, and eyes the sands below. "I had another plan, though, since the place is rather deserted." He admits. Good time for mischief, yes, and he'll eye the clutch parents for a moment.

Wehlim shrugs his shoulders. "It involves making paste dyes. Or sewing." He stops there, allowing his eyes to trail back towards the sands for a moment, at the clutch parents. Not all four of which are present at this exact moment, though he's not for sure which are present, not yet well enough acquainted with the beasts to recognize their colors and what not. He glances back to Quaptyziel and then grins, perhaps a bit too mischieviously for his own good. "Oh? Yeah.. it /is/ rather quiet here. I haven't seen anyone in at least half a candlemark. Cept the dragons."

Quaptyziel isn't sure which ones are out there at the moment either, but some missing could mean they'll be returning at any moment, which would be disasterous. Least for Quap. "Paste eyes? Are you making some sort of doll?" He asks, and eyes the object again for a moment. He grins, maybe the other boy was catching on to his plan. "Yeah, just like I was hoping." He grins, and drops to a whisper. "I was hoping top borrow some of their bedding, if you get my meaning." He says, obviously meaning the hatching sand.

Wehlim actually giggles, then catches himself, grunts and clears his throat with a shake of his head. All in one gesture, at that. "Uh.. No, paste.. Dyes." He says making sure to pronounce the 'D' clearly. He glances towards the sands again before grinning and starting to roll up the bedding as he says very quietly, as though there were a million ears around the mostly empty cavern to hear, "I'll help you. Lemme put this up. W..we gotta hurry though." Because yes, a dragon waking up, looking their way, or returning would all be quite bad.

Quaptyziel ohs! "Dyes, right, well, I could still help I guess, though I've never made paste dyes." He says, a bit embarassed from having misheard him, maybe it was all the whispering. Whispering's good, dragons seem to have pretty good hearing after all, and who knows, could be firelizards hidden in here somewhere. He looks to the sands, and nods, giving a grin. "I already got a bucket, and something to scoop with." He says. "Do you want to scoop, or keep watch?" He asks, after all, better to have a warning of incoming dragons, then none at all, right?

Wehlim pushes the rolled cloth into the box and stands up, picking up the box as he answers in equally hushed tones, because there's absolutely nothing suspicious about two whispering candidates in the galleries all alone. "I'll keep watch, you get to scoop." Mostly because Wehlim's got the box to carry and after the sand is nabbed he doesn't want to have to run back up to get it, so he's taking it with him now. He makes a point of walking next to Quap if the other should set the pace down the stairs so that he can share a bit of information as to why he needed the dyes. It, and the cloth that he's been working on, have to do with creating something of a mural with the intentions of getting five separate dragons, coincidentally of different colors (coughcough), to make their mark upon it. A keepsake, truly! The dyes were the sort created from berries and other similar ingrediants, of course, those that he could get from working in the kitchens as often as they do, but would be thicker then normal dye. Thus, a paste that could be pressed into the cloth to make it's mark rather then having to use expensive paints or other methods.

Quaptyziel nods. "Sounds good." Quaps's been the snatcher rather then the watcher for a while, so it's nothing new. He heads back down the stairs with the other candidate, listening to his explination of what the dyes, and cloth were for. "Oh, I like that idea." He says, no, nothing suspicious about whispering candidates at all. "I'll definitely help, but as I said, you'll have to show me how to make the dyes." Sewing he can do, dyeing? Not so much. "Might be cool to hang up in the barracks too, after the hunt, a neat keepsake." He grins, and approaches his equipment sitting against one of the walls, though out of sight of the sands.

Wehlim has to hold the box a little out to the side as he moves down the steps so as not to miss one and stumble. Very bad form to fall down a flight of stairs and break one's bones so close to both the hatching.. and the hatching sands. Ironic maybe, but not practical. The boy comes to a stop as they get nearer to the sands entrance, and it's here that he starts to feel those flutterings of nervousness in his gut. At least he wouldn't be the one to actually walk out there and pilfer 'bedding'. He nods quickly. "I can show you. I'll get the materials tonight. I figure we probably don't wanna do it in the kitchens. They.. they normally don't like candidates in there much." Unless you were dropping off dirty dishes or sweeping. Wehlim's connections with the cooking staff were finally paying off! He nods. "It'd be real cool to hang up, yeah. I'm making a background for it to make it more steady and make it stand out." He falls quiet at that point though, watching as Quap moves over to the bucket and scoop. He moves a bit so he has a clear view of the tunnel entrance. The warning.. wouldn't be much, but it'd be there.

Quaptyziel would try and catch him if he fell, he really would, falling down stairs would be disasterous after all. "I wonder iof both of the clutches will hatch at once, or seperate times." He says, looking to a sands for a moment. After all, the 'clutches' were laid with sevendays between them. "Oh, sounds nice, I can definitely help." He grins, and nods. "Well, hmm, we can maybe use the game room, or something?" He suggests, trying to be helpful. He'll fall silent, however, as he goes pick up his bucket, and scoop, and creep over to the edge of the sands. Close enough to get sand, but not to be on them too much. He'll quickly, but quietly, scoop the sand into the bucket until it's full. Once done he'll straighten up, and tuck the scoop into a pocket, before he picks up the, now much heavier, bucket of sand, and start out of the tunnel with his burden. "Thanks for keeping watch Wehlim. Better then my original plan, to use my firelizard as watch." He grins, because they all know how handy those critters are. He'll make his way out of the cavern, as discreetly as he can, to stash his burden.

And the pair headed out, the sand getting stashed.

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