Who is Naamiah?  Well… It's a little more complicated than will *really* fit in a blurb, but I shall try!

Naamiah's history, as she tells it, is very simple:  her guardian is her aunt, a harper senior journeyman who's specializes in child growth potential and how music and the arts influence a child's growth and development.  She's recently transferred here from Nerat, bringing along her niece as she always does.  Naamiah's aunt is her guardian, and other than a few past-tense statements of her parents, the girl has not delved into any sort of details of her past.


Naamiah's only known relative at this time is her aunt, Ambrielle.


An outgoing, friendly girl, she carries with her all the confidence of a beautiful girl along with all the baggage of being a sixteen year old girl.  At times, more mature for her age, and other times, it's not uncommon to find her in a fit of frivolity.  She grabs life by the horns and rolls with it!

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Feelings About Dragons:

To Naamiah, dragons are fascinating creatures. Somehow bonding with people — something she doesn't quite understand as she's not a dragonrider — and knowing such intrinsic things as their names upon hatching. She's not afraid of them, though she's rarely afraid of anything, but does give them the respect anyone would give to what is essentially a large predator animal.

Time will really tell how Naamiah's thoughts on dragons may change or solidify during the course of her Candidacy.

Favorite Eggs:

Okay — so OOCly, I love: By the Werelight Egg, Cross My Palm with Silver Egg, Queen of Air and Darkness Egg, and Supernatural Casualty Egg.

From the Egg Touching, Naamiah was most "touched" by the Cross My Palm with Silver Egg and the Wild Hunt Egg —> in that those made the most lasting impressions on her.

Well and Bad Moon Rising Egg, but that was a horrific experience that left her in tears!

So… which is my favorite now? Crap if I know! There's too many GOOD choices!!

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