Candidate Profiles

If you'd like, you can create a character profile here to let us and your fellow candidates know a bit more about you. We've included a few suggested sections, but they are suggestions only - you can make this page look however you want, include (or don't include) whatever you like.

You can either wait for a member of Search Co to add a page for you, or you can create your own page. To add a new tab, you must first create a new page with your character's name. Then add this code to this page, substituting your character's name in the appropriate spots:

[[tab <character's name>]]
[[[<character's name> |edit]]]
[[include <character's name>]]

When you are editing your page, make sure you access it by clicking the 'list all pages' link on the left side of the wiki, then finding your character's name in that list, or using the edit button on the page itself.

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