Quaptyziel (Quap-te-zee-el)


This young man is quite a bit tall, standing at around 5 and a half feet. His overall build is gangly and spry, but leaves room for filling out as he grows, and starts to work. His legs and arms are long and thin, much like one might expect on a young man. Atop of his head is a mop of fiery red hair, kept to just above shoulder length. The bright strands form a mass of small curls, and he has a couple of bangs that hang down just above his eyes. Those peer out from under fiery red lashes, and are deep brown in color, with just a tiny tinge of green mixed in. His face is boyish, with a pointy nose, and an average nose. He has a few freckles about his cheeks, and thin eye brows over his eyes. His skin is slightly tanned from times outside, though it's not a deep tan.


Quaptyziel is a born, and raised Fortian. He, and his brother Iktyziel were a pair of rare fraternal twins, who were born to Quiktala, and blue riding Ty'ziel. Being the second oldest son, as he is a candle mark older than his twin, Quap was the luckiest, or perhaps unluckiest, to wind up with the longest, and strangest, name in the family. He and Ikty were fostered at an early age to the Weyr nannies, and have grown up as Weyrbrats. Their parents kept in contact with them, though, and they are aware of who they are, as well as their oldest half brother, Y'ziel, who like their father, rides a blue. It was a couple of turns later when they were joined by the first girl of the family, Ielyzity.
The trio of siblings bonded as they grew up as brats in the lower caverns, and often went on trips with big brother, Y'ziel, though the blue rider often left them on their own in the places he took them. A trip to Fort Hold with Y'ziel, and Ikty was changed, when during a late lunch in the living cavern, Quap witnessed Suian getting attacked by a firelizard, and he tried to assist her. Brownrider Merci decided Suian needed to be a candidate to learn what not to do, and with the harper, Asher, Merci decided that poor Quap should get the same punishment, and ordered the pair to report to the barracks.


Name Relation Location Position PC/NPC
Ty'ziel Father Fort Weyr Bluerider NPC
Quiktala Mother Fort Weyr Weyrfolk NPC
Y'ziel Older half-brother Fort Weyr Bluerider NPC
Iktyziel Twin brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat PC
Ielyzity Younger sister Fort Weyr Weyrbrat PC

And likely lots of full/half siblings that aren't listed.


Quap is probably the quietest of the siblings, and a little shy, and reserved, as well. He often doesn't speak up, unless spoken to first. There is times, however, when he does turn more talkative, and that's if he's being blamed for something, and or when he's in a room with a small group. As, if the groups too big, he tends to turn quiet once more. Being the second oldest, and with his older half brother often busy with rider duties, as well as his parents, Quap can be quite protective of his younger brother, and sister. He will back them up, and this is often when he's at his loudest. Being weyr raised, he's got a firm respect for those in higher rank then him, and will often not argue with them, or push the point.

He is a hard worker, and will often do what is asked of him, especially if there is some sort of reward involved. He's known to try and steal sweets from the kitchens, though he doesn't do it often. Confrontations, or something happening to his siblings will often bring a surprising side out of the lad, as he has quite the temper. Depending on the situation, he can be pretty hot tempered. Outside of this, he can be pretty friendly, and is willing to back up anyone that happens to be his friend as well. He's relatively easy to make friends with, and is often loyal to his friends.

Feelings About Dragons:

With two of the family being riders, and growing up in Fort Weyr, Quap has quite alot of experience with dragons. He's used to them, and not afraid of them, unless they show anger. His older half brother often carts the siblings off with him, when he does work, so he has some experience riding them as well, and is not afraid to fly, or go between. The fact that they can breath fire by chewing on stone, fascinates him. He has little experience making straps, however, or in caring for a dragon, out side of the few times that Y'ziel let them help wash his dragon.

Favorite Eggs:

Solar Eclipse Egg
Golden Record Egg
Give Us a Kiss Egg

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