Candidate Questionnaire

Here's the Candidate Questionnaire! If you are hoping to impress, you must fill out the questionnaire and return it to moc.spuorgelgoog|21hcraestrof#moc.spuorgelgoog|21hcraestrof (it's helpful if you put <character's name>'s Candidate Questionnaire in the subject of your email) by April 29th at midnight PST. Take your time filling these out - sooner is not necessarily better, so if you need to think about a particular question, please do! As always, any questions can be directed at any of Search Co who happens to be on, or more generally to *fs.

Candidate Questionnaire


1. How has your character developed recently? What relationships have they built with other people at the Weyr?

2. How do you see your character changing should they impresses? (This isn't set in stone, we're just interested in your ideas.)

3. Are you planning to change your name if you Impress? If so, to what? Male characters must take an honorific. Female characters can do whatever they want.

4. Do you have/have you had a dragonrider character(s) on DF before? You can tell us who, but you don't have to! If you listed a metallic as a final color choice, do you have another metallic on the game? We have to get permission for double metallics.

5. Should you impress, who would you like to go through weyrlinghood with? Why?


6. What are your final color choices? Please list in order of preference. Don't be shy, be honest!

7. Do you have any thoughts or requests as to what you would like your dragon to be (or not to be)? Names, physicality, personality, etc? (We'll do our best to fulfill requests but obviously we can't promise.)

8. Do you have any ideas for your fellow candidates' dragons?

9. What are your three favourite eggs? Please list in order of preference.

10. Is there any particular style of inspiration that you like the best? Here are some examples of inspirations we've done in the past.

11. Is there anything that you would like SearchCo to know that you feel doesn't fit anywhere else on this Questionnaire? Any pet peeves to avoid? Requests? Miscellaneous comments can also go here. :)

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