Questions for the Records

Records Room (#653J)
This ancient room contains a treasure trove of records and information in varying states of decay and preservation. Lined with tomes dating from the 9th pass and wherhide scrolls so old and faded they look ready to crumble, this room exudes an air of awe to those who come here only infrequently.
In the middle is a comparatively new desk, with two comfortable chairs padded in russet with a few gold threads winding through. A replenished glowbasket sits atop the desk, pushed to the side a little by the Records currently being worked on.
A large set of winding stairs lead upwards to the senior queen's weyr, whilst a small door connects this room to the Fort's council chambers.

Fort's record rooms are occasionally busy but tonight there is only Nomi and her attending firelizards holding court at one of the larger tables. There is a stack of hides on her left, and a stack of hides on her right, and a thin sheaf of real paper in the middle upon which she is tapping with a thin-tipped stylus. She will look up at the Candidates as they enter, from one to the other, and back again. "Ietyzilt?" A battered old bronze raises his head from the back of her chair and churrls softlly. "I mean I think that's who I sent for. Witt's penmanship leaves something to the imagination." She grins at both of them in some semblance of welcome. "And yet here are two of you." Nomi adds a light laugh to her grin. "Make that three of you. Come in, come in."

"Owowow," that's what Ielyzity says just after she enters the records room, quick to dark inside. Most likely because finding her destination meant she can remove the blue demon from her shirt front and plop him on the nearest shelf. The blue firelizarad bristles and lets out a hiss, but Zity's attention is already turned. "Yep, that's me. Well, Ielyzity, or Zity." She gives the area a look about as if searching for the reason they were there and it takes a good long moment for her to remember manners. Dusting off that corner of her brain, she finally snaps a salute and stutters out a "Ma'am" that sounds like a foreign word coming from this young redheaded girl.

Iktyziel is not far behind his sister, EYEING that blue firelizard with utmost suspicion when it gets to hissing. He gives is a wary look, and keeps his distance, also peering around, as much out of curiosity as nervousness, the lad briefly catching his lower lip between his teeth, and then glancing sidelong at Ielzity. "Uh.." the question, and the name Nomi reads off, have him looking.. perhaps a little sheepish. "I'm Iktyziel, ma'am." Yep. He manages his own little salute, quickly tucking his hands behind him.

Quaptyziel is not far behind his siblings, though he's bringing up the rear. How'd he get dragged into this? Who knows, but he's here. There's an answering hiss from the little bronze on his shoulder. "Hush!" He says, and will plop the little demon on a shelf too, they can be demons together, or something. "Uh, I'm Quaptyziel, ma'am." He adds his own name to those given. "Um, Quap for short." He adds, with a grin.

Nomi focuses on SheWhoSpeaksFirst. The little weyrwoman never grew out of her own freckles and red hair, though the hair at least has darkened and deepened a bloody, broody black that forms stylish curls around her slim features. "Ielyzity… okay, and you spell that how, exactly?" She waves a hand towards one of two empty chairs. "Sit. Please." The taller Candidate then becomes the focus of her scrutiny. "Iktyziel… obviously related? You'll have to spell that for me as well." She waves him to the other empty chair while her old bronze keeps watch on the new little firelizards as if he could will them to behave. That leaves yet another red-capped Candidate. If Nomi were a man, she'd be doing some sums in her head and trying to remember whose furs she'd been in about sixteen turns ago. "Quaptyziel right? Q.u.a.p.t.i.z.e.a.l? You'll have to bring a chair over… not the one with the green on it. She's cranky." Obviously all three are bid sit and be welcome. "I can do all three of you at once, if that's okay with you?"

The blue firelizards sees you too, Iktyziel. His wing claws push him to the edge of the shelf so that he can tilt his head at an awkward angle at him and hiss some more. And then his brother is there… Joy. Hiss. Eyes darting around, Ielyzity's focus doesn't stay long on the weyrwoman at all, half-distracted as she is. "I-E-L-Y-Z-I-T-Y!" she chirps out and rather proud of knowing her letters, immediately jumping to the first empty chair there before any of her brothers can reach it first, plopping down with a wide grin. "They're both my older brothers," she notes. "At least, I'm certain Quap is…" Forget that the two of them were twins, right? Her eyes finally snap to perfect attention onto the older woman, focusing on her. "We're not in trouble for anything, are we?"

Iktyziel gives his twin a slight head-bob when Quap arrives, Ikt looking immediately less nervous now that his brother's there. He moves to take the indicated seat, dropping down and glancing about again. The hissing blue is given another wary look, though Ikt is quickly turning back to Nomi, replying with an obedient, "I-K-T-Y-Z-I-E-L." And then nodding, "Bluerider Ty'ziel is our father." There's another sidelong glance at his sister, the lad adding under his breath, "I often wish I weren't," to Iel's comment about her being certain only one of them is her brother. No great love for his little sister, apparently, Ikt however renewing the semi-nervous nibbling of his lower lip at the question of whether they're in trouble.

"Q-U-A-P-T-Y-Z-I-E-L" Quap will answer, though Nomi wasn't that far off. He'll nod to his siblings as well. "Yeah, I'm the oldest of the three of us, though we have an older brother." He admits, and goes to find a seat somewhere, to pull it over, and sit down. He does shoot his siblings a look though, at the whole acknowledging thing. Crimson ignores his brother, and peers at the humans, with whirling eyes. "Uh, yeah, did we do something wrong?" Did Zity, and Ikty doing something? It wasn't the flowers again, was it?

Nomi answers Iktyziel first. "Oh no, nothing like that. I'm interviewing Candidates, for the records. I like to know where you come from, what your skills and talents are, how you're enjoying your time at Fort Weyr — obviously you three do not know much else? No matter, I'm building a tome of statistics to see if Fort does better searching within its own weyrwalls, or without. Hopefully I'll get to interview you as Weyrlings too, one day, or weyrfolk if dragons don't like red hair." Nomi obviously has no worries about putting ridiculous notions in their heads. "I.e.l.y.z.i.t.y. Got it. And you're fourteen turns old?" She grins at Ikty. "Ty'ziel. Of course. He's not the one that used to wear bright pink leathers is he?" She'll write Iktyziel's name down, as he spells it for her. Bren the diplomat is left to keep watch on the flits, though Jago curls further under the table in hopes of going unnoticed, despite the hunter-green tail tapping against her chair's leg. Her human, the Nomi, writes Quap down properly as well and assesses all three of them from shortest to tallest, her attention finally coming back down the ladder to Zity. "Unless there is something you've done wrong? I can yell, if you'd like. I'm out of practice, but if I wake Sidijith up she can help. I'm told together we've got a pretty good glare." Sidijith loves flowers. Looooves them. Sometimes more than Nomi and occasionally more than Xanth.

Ielyzity lovingly sticks her tongue out at Iktyziel, even if she did start it anyway. "Mom's down in the kitchens," she adds, in case Nomi needed to know that too, and just for the fact that she wanted to tell the weyrwoman some useful information too. She leans back in her chair, ignoring the tangled mess of her hair except to occasionally blow it out from her eyes. "Must be some really big records. How long have you been doing it? Any useful information that you got from it?" She looks from one brother to the next and finally to the weyrwoman. "The Weyrleader's got red hair too," she points out, ever the chatty girl as she grins widely and stares at Nomi with wide curious green eyes. And then her best innocent look takes over, batting her eyes and all. "Me? Nope, never done anything wrong in my life. No need to waste time yelling."

Iktyziel nods agreement with Quap, murmuring a, "Bluerider Y'ziel," at the mention of an older brother. And he probably had an equally strange name, too. Ahem. Iktyziel will just have to /hope/ it didn't involve those flowers. Though he does give Ielzity a vaguely suspicious look. And a brief, if childish, tongue-out in return. Thbbt. Turning his attention back to Nomi, Iktyziel ohs, and then settls back in the chair. "Um.. we were all born here.. at Fort," the lad attempting to be helpful, though the mention of search has him biting down o nhis lower lip again, with a glance at his twin, and a quietly commented, "Some of the holders.. don't seem as if they are ever going to get used to living here." And the mention of pink leathers has the boy's cheeks turning a similar shade, the lad stammering out a, "N- no. Not that I know of, ma'am." Then again, it isn't as if Ty'ziel has all that much contact with his various offspring. For all Ikt knows, he /could/ be. As for yelling, Iel's claim of innocence elcits a soft snort, though Ikt isn't apparently going to say anything there.

Quaptyziel oohss, and nods. "Oh, well, we've gbeen to Fort hold, and other places, sometimes Y'ziel takes us with him when he gets sent places." He admits. Whether the blue rider had permission to take his little siblings with him is debatable, he was ccertainly quick to abandon them once they got there, though. Or atleast he did before they all got searched. Darn it, he's got nobody to dump there for the day anymore. He leans back in his seat as he listens, and his eyes widen a bit.. "Oh no no, we haven't done anything." That he knows of anyway. "Yeah, no need for yelling." He adds. "We're not related to the Weyrleader, honest." He says, remembering Eleni thinking he was related to U'rr. Clearly there's too many red heads around here. Or maybe not enough. "Yeah, I still remeember one holder girls freak out cause we were bathing without clothes."

Nomi likes the kitchens but is generally banned from them. "Fort's cooks are better than most, that is for certain. I like food." Waifish to the point of bony, Nomi's love of food does nothing to round out her slight frame. She tilts up her freckled cheeks, "Perhaps we're all related, somewhere in the past. My family's from Gar, mostly. Not so far from Fort." She talks of nothing, to put them at their ease, hoping they'll open up about their own lives. "No yelling then." A grin takes her from Zity to Ikty. "Nomi, please. Save the ma'am for the Weyrwoman." Its amazing how people can capitalize the word with their voice, as Nomi does. "So you're all from Fort - know your letters then? Numbers?" She nods back to Zity, "If you're good with a stylus I'll put you on the roster to help me collate all this data and see if we can find a pattern that might help us make Search more efficient." To Quap, "Fort Hold is always interesting, as are the Crafthalls there. You've never been tapped to the Crafts?" She asks all of them, of course, still ferretting out information as she can in case it comes in handy later. "I was a Holder girl myself, before Search. Bathing was the last of my problems when new to the Weyr."

"Mom makes some mean bubblies," Ielyzity says with a proud beaming face. Obviously she likes those bubblies a lot, too. "I think I've got 'nough brothers and sisters and whatnots. No time to start wondering if the Weyrleader— U'rr right? is our long lost cousin or something." Apparently formal names make Zity's mouth dry up, or maybe she's just allergic to manners. She scoots to the edge of her seat, putting her hands to either side of her and leans forward, eager to share as well if only to outdo her siblings. "Dunno why Hold people worry so much either. How else are they gonna bathe? And they've all /seen/ the same thing anyway." She giggles, tilting her head from side to side. "Oh." There goes her curiosity. "Letters— well, yeah, I know them. Numbers… not so much." That proud bubble she had earlier is popped, reluctant to admit. "Iky knows 'em better! And he's got good writing skills too." Throw her brother to the work instead! That works. Shrugging a shoulder to the craft question, she rocks back into the chair and crosses her arms. "Ain't been interested in any Crafts. And leave Fort Weyr?"

Iktyziel glances at his twin, but since Quap seems willing to talk about their various adventures outside the weyr, the lad nods quiet agreement, "Yeah, Y'ziel takes us to different places sometimes. He likes to check up on us," though whether that information is at all relevant to anything, who knows. "We probably have relatives all over the place," the lad shrugs a little, the mention of that hilder girl having him supress a grimace. "I still don't know what her problem was," he mumbles, though apparently feels the need to add, "The other one was alright, though." And he absently chews on his lower lip, as if thinking something over. There's a headtilt as he listens to Nomi, the lad at least relaxing a little more, "Our mom is Quiktala," since no one seems to have mentioned it yet, the boy adding, "But we're all fostered now." Weyrbrats, ahoy. As for letters and numbers, Ikty gives his sister another sidelong look, though he does tell admit quietly, "I know my letters and numbers." As for crafts, Iktyziel shrugs a little, mumbling, "I don;t think I could leave the weyr." And be leave, he likely means 'want', as there's a barely suppressed grimace for that. Holds are baffling and strange, yep.

"I'm a good writter, and good at marth, and letters as well." Quaptyziel says. "I don't know why they are either, I'm still wondering how you're supposed to get clean if you're covered up in your clothes." He says to Zity, and then looks back to Nomi. "I know how to sew, as well." He admits, ands tilts his head. "I don't know, never thought about crafts, though it could be an option, for if I don't find my lifemate." He says. "Ikty's better at cooking." He points out. "As for leaving, guess if I /had/ to, I would." Not that he'd really want to, though crafting could be interesting. He nods to Ikty. "True, most of them didn't seem to care." He says, meaning the holders.

Nomi jots down this and that, content here at the end of day to do an informal information gathering with these three Fortians who were born about the same time Sidijith hatched. She'll keep them talking, long past the candle-mark allotted to each Candidate, and eventually get most of the details about who they are, what they want, and who they might want to be one day down on her little paper… or papers, one for each. Her writing is miniscule and tidy, just like the rest of her. Eventually its Bren that reaches out a clawed back leg and pokes her in the back of the neck. Jago, roused at the same time to some internal clock shared with her fair-mate lifts up her triangular head and chirrups quietly — food? Perhaps they are merely picking up vibes from the little bits of firelizard attached to the Candidates… well, two out of three of them. "I'm glad to know you attend classes, Iktyziel. I'd rather all our Weyrfolk do, including Candidates. If nothing else we can send some of them home with more skill than they arrived, no?" Nomi is quite a fan of hard work and study, she spent what was left of her childhood being crammed full of everything Fort Weyr, Healer Hall, and Harper Hall thought she'd need know to become Fort's youngest Weyrwoman ever, with Liette's tenuous hold on reality troubling everyone and there being no other Juniors in the time before Thread. Anyway, enough about Nomi. But she does wrap up the interviews. "You can get back to the kitchens under that green glowlight, by the way. The password is 'spork' at the green door, to get into the stores." As if they wouldn't already know that. "I think you're little bits are hungry. Good to see Candidates impress firelizards. They'll come in handy, that's for certain." She has faith even Iky will impress something. "Goodnight, Reds."

Ielyzity generally has more questions to give than answers, with the occasional — alright, a lot— of teasing tossed to her brothers. It's not long before the interview has her bouncing in her seat to get up and out, glancing occasionally to the hissing blue on the shelf. Taking the excuse, she hops off the chair and grins at the weyrwoman. "Thanks, Nomi," she says, eager to rush out and find some mischief to do— or food. With a wave, she's already scooping up said firelizard and heading in the direction of the kitchens, if only to leave her brothers behind in case the weyrwoman needed anything else. "Night!" she calls over her shoulder, before leaving.

Quaptyziel snorts. "Yeah, he attends classes when he's not skipping them." He remarks, and nods to the Weyrwoman. "Thank you ma'am." He says, nodding to her, as he gets up. "I hope so, maybe when he gets older." He says about the firelizards, and goes to scoop up his own little terror, who is hissing, either from hunger, or just annoyance. He'll slip out as well, taking the shortcut pointed out.

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