Qylia is one of a set of twins born to Istan riders Q'luin and Tia. Naturally, she came out first, shouting her presence to the world before her twin, Qisanti. Raised in Ista Weyr, Qylia took extremely well to the inhabitants of the Weyr, both of human and dragon kind. Never far from Qisanti, the girl tended to be the one tugging her far more shy younger brother about. Despite their vastly different personalities, the twins were inseparable through most of their single-digits and part of the doubles. Qylia was a mobile child, spending time with family in Ista, in Igen, and many other regions with such gigantic and extended family. Shamelessly doted upon, the girl grew up with everything she could ever ask for (except a runner).
At around ten turns in age, Qylia was involved in a bit of a failed sailing excursion, instead being shipwrecked and left upon a deserted island with a great many other youths (including fellow candidate Pol) and no twin brother to be present. Their return via dolphin heralded the returns of the Dolphincraft Hall.
At the ripe ol' age of fourteen turns, Qylia conspired with Qisanti (and there are rumors Asher may have been involved) to sail away to Fort on the skiff gifted the children on a previous turnday. Instead, Dad caught wind and said they could command a far larger ship, with a far more experienced crew. All of this lead to Qisanti joining the Healers and Qylia joining the Harpers as a student. She had no intention of becoming an apprentice, just a student in order to get, in her words, 'some polish' -not to mention get free of her family's influence that pervaded the entirety of Ista Island.
Qylia spent three turns as a Harper student, learning everything from courtly graces to history, diction and law, self-protection and finance, and much more. The moment Qylia heard that Fort had eggs on the sands, she was packing up and leaving the Harpers behind, having learned her fill and intent to travel along her path.



Father: Q'luin (PC)
Mother: Tia (PC)
Twin Brother: Qisanti (PC)
Half-Siblings on Dad's side: Qihael, Qalon, Qilura, Qiterin, Qarran, Qhirrn, Qwynlin, Qwilwyn, Qwynne
Half-Siblings on Mom's side: Kerhi, Esrail
Uncle: S'tao (PC)
Aunt : Quorra (PC)
Grandpa: Lord Sterling (PC)


Qylia is not a shy girl. She can be extremely outspoken and very outgoing. She's a fighter, quite waspish if crossed, and will never turn away from a confrontation. Oftentimes far too clever for her own good, the girl doesn't pretend to be anything other than what she is. More often than not, she is a positive personality, rare to moments of brooding or sullenness to the point of such being pretty much nonexistent. Active, fierce, ambitious, brave, enthusiastic, proud, frank, determined, and saucy are all words that could well describe the girl. Sociable, with a touch of tenacious spirit and a dash of domineering knowhow, Qylia is a risk-taker and a shrew creature. She is a confident soul that has been polished to a fare-the-well after a few turns with the Harpers… aka, she can be eloquent in one sentence and cuss up a storm in the next.

Feelings About Dragons:

Qylia loves dragons. She feels just as comfortable about dragons as she does around people. In fact, she'll treat dragons exactly like a person, giving them the very same acknowledgement she would give anyone else she encountered, perhaps even more courteous. Qylia came into this search with the full intention of impressing, even going so far as to heading out straight away for Fort the moment she heard that there were eggs on the sands. If she hadn't have come upon D'yce, the girl would have very well just searched herself, found a knot, and put in on her shoulder. She loves dragons, respects riders, and knows that she would be the 'perfect' candidate.

Favorite Eggs:

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