You know how some kids just sort of… show up? Ruchik was one of those. He wound up in one of the wagons of the caravan he later came to call 'his' when he was about six. He was never claimed, never sought after, never recognized. The traders - specifically a young man who later came to lead the caravan, Erben - eventually accepted that he'd be around forever, and started teaching him about how to be useful enough that they wouldn't follow through on their threats to leave him at the next hold. The rest is, dare we say, history?

Ruchik's not even really sure what it was that made him run off and try join a caravan, but he does remember the early days with the caravan, as well as the later ones. He doesn't really go into details, ever. In part, because he doesn't have them. In part, because it's his business, and he'd really rather keep other people's noses out of it.


He really… doesn't have one. There's an assortment of traders who've come and gone in his history, and probably the one he's closest to is the one who started taking care of him when he was little (Erben). But Ruchik's got trust issues. And tends to change the subject when people ask about his family. Oh well.


Ruchik's all about the outward tough guy appearance. Truth be told, he's pretty tough on the inside, too, just not always as confident as he tries to act. He likes to fight, he likes to drive people crazy, and there's more to this than his age. He'll always be a bit of a Disturber of Things.

His primary motivation in life is to take care of himself, and most things he does are measured based on a sort of risk/reward or cost/return philosophy. (It's hard to say if he was predisposed to this, or if it was growing up with traders.) He views most people he meets as means to his own ends, but now and then there will be something in another person that resonates with him. He doesn't really get it, but he'll relax a little and can sometimes even have flashes of being nice to people. Just has to be the right people.

He has some trust and bonding issues, and has no real desire to change that. He doesn't really see them as issues. Independence is strength, and he's a little obsessed about being strong and standing on his own.

Oh, and he tries to go as long as humanly possible without telling anyone his name, on the whole.

  • Logs, vignettes, etc., can be found at Ruchik's Journal.

Feelings About Dragons:

He's not scared of them, as he'll try to prove over and over, and he's been convinced that having one would be pretty useful. Otherwise, he's mostly apathetic, and maybe a bit critical - he's seen the beasts pulling the wagons get spooked by surprise dragons, which leads to broken wares. So he doesn't entirely trust those big, winged creatures. (Big surprise, right?)

Feelings About Other Candidates:

Qylia: he likes. It might be Haifa, or it could be that she smart-asses right back at his smart-assery.
Rylsar: he doesn't talk to, but it's not a bad thing. They've got the nod-and-shrug communication aspect down pat.
Citlali: seems okay.
Naamiah: scares too easily. She's not even super-fun to mess with.
Khrysta: has nice enough legs.
Miahve: is possibly smarter than some other Harpers Ruchik's met. He still thinks she sucks at doing laundry.
Siyavri: is taking the easy way out, and making a mockery of all the things he's stuck in and is so frustrated with. She must be shouted at. This is now beyond dislike and taunting.
Apollyon: he doesn't really know.
Tovrin: he wishes would actually fight him. Ruchik could do with beating the crap out of someone.
Barrett: is touchy-feely and useless. Probably has some hidden agenda.
Jedrek: doesn't always seem to grasp the seriousness of some situations, but otherwise seems practical enough.
Saithon: he actually sort of gets along with. No, really!

Favorite Eggs:

OOC - First Glance: Curse of the Lycan, Underneath the Blazing Sky, Bad Moon Rising, A Wild Rumpus.
OOC - Post-CandiQ: Wild Hunt, Curse of the Lycan, Underneath the Blazing Sky.
OOC - Post-Touching: Underneath the Blazing Sky, Curse of the Lycan, Wild Hunt.

IC: Ruchik went to an egg-touching, tried to overdose, and failed. Curse of the Lycan foiled him. But the most intense one was definitely Blazing Sky. And his least favourite was Wild Rumpus, for sure. Just because he doesn't like water much.

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