Candidacy Rules

1. Candidates are strongly discouraged from romantic and/or sexual relationships as they should be focusing on adjusting to the changes at hand and preparing for potential weyrlinghood. No pregnant candidates will be allowed on the sands - and no candidate who gets someone pregnant.

2. While moderate drinking is not a problem, drunkenness is forbidden. When the eggs are hard and hatching imminent, no drinking will be allowed at all.

3. No one is allowed on the Hatching Sands without an Official Escort.

4. No candidate is permitted to leave the Weyr without a Rider Escort. When the eggs begin to get harder and appear closer to hatching, candidates will not be allowed to leave the Weyr even with an escort. (OOC This can include an NPC escort)

5. Assigned chores must be completed by the assigned time, failure to complete the chore will result in additional chores and/or possible punishment.

6. All riders and Weyr staff must be saluted and greeted formally, all weyrfolk must be treated with respect.

7. No fighting is permitted.

8. All candidates are required to pass a medical physical performed by a Healer.

OOC: All rules will be enforced by the SearchCo, but please, if you are intending on breaking any of these rules we ask that you give SearchCo a heads up so that we can discuss the potential consequences of the violation. Some more serious rules (e.g. fighting, leaving the weyr without an escort) may be result in more serious consequences It makes SearchCo grumpy to find out /after/ the fact that a rule has been broken. If you do not know if you are breaking a rule, it is safer to ask and find out first.

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