Rylsar ranges from famously silent to surprisingly loquatious on the subject of his heritage and history.

Some things, however, are known.

  • He speaks with a Keroon brogue, a deep one at that — hailing from the highland hills, where ponies and herdbeasts and grain are /the/ way of life.
  • He was a Farmer before Search, come on contract to work the garden for a turn or two.
  • Sandwiched between Keroon-in-childhood and Keroon-as-a-Farmer he spent some time as an apprentice in Nerat at the Farmcrafthall here.



Though this is not well-known ICly, his mother is a Farmcraft master recently retired from a significant position at Keroon; his father is a cotholder of the far-northern plot of Keroon. His family raises two distinct lines of runners, the typical herdbeasts and more wheat than they know what to do with. He's the oldest of eight.


Rylsar is a happy sod in his own way — and what makes him happiest, most times, is picking at the frayed threads of other people. He's laid back otherwise, with a dry sense of humor; and he's crazy about plants. Don't get him started on anything having to do with Farming or he'll talk for turns. He's into life for the experience of things, not necessarily afraid of change or opportunity - some other people may call that reckless or stupid, since he doesn't think about change before he actually changes, most times. He's unusually respectful to his elders - that is, those people that are /really/ his elders. For some reason, the elderly population loves him.

IC Ties

Barrett: He rambles. Rylsar isn't quite sure how to peg him. … his personality, that is.

D'yce: the one who Searched him; Rylsar may still feel a little bit sheepish about that dumb snowball.

Hoary: His minature draybeast companion, Farmercraft-issued to pull a teeny tiny cart around the garden. He's kind-of adorable.

Imogen: His favorite goldrider. She likes plants. Both former statements are obviously linked.

Naamiah: Perhaps the person he's closest to, in his own way, out of all the candidates. Helps that she's pretty much what he would be if he were a girl.

Qylia: He owes her a good deal on a runner. Honor-sworn.

Ruchik: Needs a sense of humor, but he liked Hoary, so good people.

Siyavri: She infuriates and interests him all at the same time. Dumb healers.

Summer: Hoary's counterpart, his chestnut Farmercraft-issued mare.


Feelings About Dragons:

Dragons? What are those? He's never had a one-on-one, so to speak, though of course they're always around in the bowl. His paradigm likely includes the view of them more like oversized, slightly smarter runners than the full reality of what they are.

Favorite Eggs:

Augh, so many, so little time. Cross My Palm with Silver; Curse of the Lycan; Skeptic; Wild Hunt; A Forest Grew. Favorite out of all of them? Probably Curse. So much vivid imagery!

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