Pretty uninteresting here. Her parents are both Harpers, her mother Jaspera originally from Keroon River Hold and her father Sheffield bred from some of the best Harpers in the Craft (or so it is said). Needless to say, the couple are talented and so are many of their children. Saphia, however, is not. At least not when it comes to music and the arts.

So one of Sheffield's dearest Healer friends decided to foster the girl and wouldn't you know it she makes a mighty fine Healer Apprentice. She excelled in all her theory but lacked good people skills and had terrible bed side manners. There were always rumours flying that Saphia was just one complaint away from being kicked out of the Craft and yet somehow she'd always end up returning to classes come the following term.

When Saphia found herself Searched by M'tr's bronze Goreanth at Eviyath's clutching, some folks believed it was no coincidence that a dragon who would pick someone as cruel and heartless as M'tr as a lifemate would pick Saphia as a Candidate. And Candidacy under M'tr's iron fist isn't sitting well with the girl unaccustomed to arduous chores.


Saphia's immediate family includes mother Jaspera, father Sheffield, and countless siblings. She has a very strained relationship with her mother and all her sisters. She is on better terms with her brothers.
The main artery of her family comes from the Harpercraft where he father's family is a near-constant presence. At any given time any number of relatives could be at the Hall but Saphia doesn't have much to do with them. They're a reminder of all her feelings of inadequacy being the talentless daughter of a very artistic family.
Jaspera's side of the family is far less involved which might be a reason why Saphia prefers them. Not to say she enjoys her mother's side of the family but she'd pick them over Sheffield's harpering relations any day.


Saphia is best described as frustrating. Sometimes she's nice as pie but generally she treats the world like an inconvenience. She's very selfish and curt, doesn't typically consider the feelings of others, and as a whole is very disconnected from the public.
There are a few good traits about her: she'll rarely if ever pick sides and can be a good moderator in arguments she isn't actively engaged in, she really is a great Healer even if she has no bedside manners to speak of, and every so often you can tell that somewhere beneath layers of tough skin and hardened heart there is a pleasant person hiding.
But she'd rather you see the great cold stone fortress that makes up her outward disposition built upon sarcasm and criticism, studying you curiously from one of her lofty towers.

Feelings About Dragons:

Saphia has no obvious feelings about dragons. Whatever her opinions are she keeps them to herself. That being said, whenever she's in the presence of one she's drawn to watching them like a true researcher. She keeps an eye on specific dragons and appears to mentally monitor and otherwise observe the habits and activities of them, currently watching Mrrth and Goreanth.

Favorite Eggs:

Beloved Collectible Droid Egg
Tarnished Jewelry Egg

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