Siyavri is the third child of two Fort Hold cotholders; the only daughter. At an early age, she found an interest in the nearby Healer Hall, and spent much of the next five turns or so ghosting her way around it and bullying the Apprentices for information. Although her parents had always intended her to marry and eventually lead a life similar to the ones they had, it was obvious that she had a passion - and if she was as good as she claimed she would be, they would not be performing their duty to Pern to send her elsewhere.

And she was good, ultimately: she had a keen intellect, a passion for knowledge, and enormous determination. Not anti-social by nature, Siyavri still made few friends at the Hall: her interests were narrow, her conversational gambits more often than not focused around work. Still, she found a place for herself amidst a group of other, likeminded Apprentices, and spent much of her time competing for top honors - sometimes first, sometimes second, very occasionally third or fourth.

Her achilles heal was her impatience with actual patients (rather an important thing); Siyavri decided, early on, that she wanted a career in research: she wanted to do clinical studies, and work out better ways of doing things. While this was considered a noble enough goal, and well-suited to her temperament, she was warned repeatedly that she would need to improve these skills nonetheless: during a Pass, no healer can be spared patient care completely.

She walked the tables at eighteen, still uncomfortable in her dealings with patients, but largely considered to be 'acceptable'. For the next four turns, she worked at the Hall, assisting Masters with their studies, and making plans for studies of her own. She had high hopes for the future: a leader in her field!

But the Craftmasters weren't satisfied, and when she was twenty-two, they decided it was important that she spend some time away from the Hall - out in the real world. "You need to see something beyond these walls," they told her. And so, reluctantly, aware that refusal would limit her career prospects in the future, she accepted a posting to Fort Weyr.

Early on in her posting, she proposed - and was given permission for - a research project related to personality changes, candidacy and Impression. Orlaith's clutch was the first after her arrival, and she set to work with a vengeance - and not much success. Imogen's offer of candidacy, though not accepted, has certainly give her a new reason to ask probing questions of people.

(Yes, her 'candidacy' is a cover, but no, this is not common knowledge - it's much more likely that a person might come to the conclusion that she's considering accepting search to benefit her work, than that they think she was offered the opportunity because of it).


Two parents, plus two older brothers, both now married with children. Siyavri doesn't talk about her family much, but they're not estranged.


Forceful, focused, intent, mindless of other people: all of these describe Siyavri. Her life is her work, realistically speaking, and without it she tends to struggle. Friends? She upsets or annoys too many people for that to be a real possibility. Hobbies? She draws, obsessively, but that's at least as much related to work as it is to pleasure.

She's deeply lonely, and more than a little insecure, but she's unlikely to talk about this, even obliquely. Most of the time, she's not even aware of it herself.

Feelings About Dragons:

Dragons are useful. Dragons keep the skies free of thread. Dragons are interesting… but dragons don't really have anything to do with Siyavri. She certainly has no intention of Impressing one, whatever she might say.

Favorite Eggs:

  • Under the Blazing Sky
  • A Wild Rumpus
  • It's A Gas
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