Suian, of average height and lean build, is a young lady who could more aptly be called handsome rather than pretty. Soot dark hair, often twisted stiffly back into a perfunctory braid, frames a smooth, fair face. Pale eyes, a soft blue, are framed by dark eyebrows and lashes; her mouth is firm, set in a manner that would be severe on someone with a few more decades. As it is, she only manages to look serious and with the slight lift of her chin and straight posture, willful. Despite being in her early twenties, her hands already appear callused and usually have at least a few scratches—this is one who isn't a stranger to hard work.

Suian's simple shoulderknot is a little worn and a trifle faded, but the brown and black of Fort Weyr are still distinguishable.

Choosing to dress simply, Suian is often clad in garb that wouldn't be out of place working on Tillek's docks, all linen or wool if the weather calls for it. Tending toward breeches more than skirts, her attire is modest and generally consists of nondescript grays and browns, cleanly tucked. Heavily worn boots have clearly seen better days, but it seems that for now, she refuses to part with them.


Hailing from a set of small cotholds set along the northern coast, not far from Tillek, Suian spent her childhood learning about boats, how to read the sea, the skies and the family business--fish! Despite (or perhaps because of) being expected to settle down and establish an adjoining holding with a husband to add to the family tree, she requested a bit of time before her mother began the spousal search in earnest to see something of the rest of Pern. With her mother's sister weaving at Boll and her father's sister cooking at Fort, her parents reluctantly agreed to let her choose one of the two to work under. Between the airheaded weaver and the no-nonsense cook, it was easy for Sui to pick a favorite among her aunts and head off to Fort—Weyr, not Hold as she quickly discovered.

Her private plans to establish herself there more permanently and continue to evade marriage got a swift boost when brownrider Merci decided that candidacy would be a suitable test of her willful determination (read: bull-headed stubbornness). Set on proving that her mindset is more than capable, she's currently meeting the challenge of the white knot head-on.



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