Tannen. There isn't much to say for Tannen and her history, as it's been a rather short and borring life thus far: She was born to a baker and rider after a flight brought them together, but their feelings kept them together for turns.

Oldest of a few siblings, Tannen was urged into helping her mother in the kitchens the day she was old enough to reach the sinks and wash the pots - with a stool! From there sh emoved up through the ranks, and was among food prep and baking staff, when she was found to be 'of interest' by L'ryl's blue Irajath


Mother: Tanna
Father: F'aren
Siblings: Three younger, all currently unnamed.


Tannen is a helpful sort, always ready to lend a hand. Before Search, she was a rather shy gal, though now that she has become more centered out, with much less chances to just blend into the crowded, noisy kitchen, she has been gaining a sense of self, and a good strong belief that she can do things on her own.

Feelings About Dragons:

Tannen has lived around the dragons all her life, and nothing's changed her views, just because she's searched she's not going to suddenly be awe-struck. She respects them, but will often direct comments towards the dragon, instead of their rider, when she doesn't know the rider herself.

Favorite Eggs:

Patchwork Quilt Egg
Old Ragdoll Egg
Pile O' Junk Egg

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