Tovrin's history isn't something he talks about. It happened in the past. The only thing that matters is the future. His arrival at the Weyr was uneventful and low key a few months before he was Searched. His accent isn't very strongly from anywhere but there is a hint of the south a little stronger than what he's picked up other places.


Personality isn't a strong point for Tovrin. He's not a particularly intelligent man, relying on his pretty face and muscles for most things. And when that doesn't work, and oftentimes when it does, he's an asshole and, occasionally, a bully. He's straightforward, hard-working and relatively honest, though the latter probably because he's not always smart enough to lie.

Feelings About Dragons:

Tovrin doesn't have any particularly strong feelings about dragons one way or the other. They're just there, like everything else. He's hoping that he impresses even if he doesn't talk about it much.

IC Relations:

Barrett Talks too much, thinks too much, damned confusing.
Jedrek Guts. Literally.
Krysta Hot but I ain't some stupid kid.
Miahve Hot.
Naamiah Hot.
Qylia Hot but mouthy.
Ruchik Needs a good ass-kicking.
Rylsar Undecided.
Siyavri Hot but thinks she's real smart.

Favorite Eggs:


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