Trill is a Fort Hold native, born to two Bakercraft Journeymen. While playing hide and seek as a young girl, she accidentally stumbled into the workshop of one of the resident Smiths at Fort, a Journeyman Juvan, and thus her love of machines, gadgets and building things was born. Because of the overly logical way her mind works, she did not make many close friends but Juvan always seemed to 'get' her. He taught her many things that she knows today about springs, and recoil, and what tools are best for repairing or working with what, and he was always patient with her endless stream of questions and high energy levels. Juvan always encouraged her to ask why and how. Unfortunately, the Journeyman had to transfer back to his home area (around Benden) to be closer to his family (he had a family emergency), and Trill was quite despondant. Without a patient hand and a mentor to guide her, and her tendancy to constantly become distracted with new ideas, she started to act out…alot. And of course, get in trouble. In the name of 'improvement', she started to tinker with things at the hold that were best left alone. The 'improvements' she has tried to make at Fort Hold have caused some problems. Fort Hold higher ups became concerned and grew tired of Trill blowing up the kitchens, or breaking other things accidently, so they decided some time in a new place might do her good. Why not put her to use at the Weyr? Close enough so the parental units can come check on her but at least she could probably meet a few more Smiths (especially ones who would put up with her questioning nature and sometimes impulsive actions) and be a bit more useful.


Born from two Bakercraft Journeymen, you'd expect Trill to be a good cook, right? Errr, wrongo. Much to the chagrin of her mother Rillyana and father Tinian, she'd much rather take apart a hearth than operate it. She also has two older brothers, Ilan and Niry. Ilan is the 'hot muscled type without much upstairs' who chose being a guard as his life path (let's just say he isn't rising in ranks anytime soon) and Niry is all about the vegetables (and especially flowers); preferring to spend his days tilling the soil and helping with the storage of all those goodies in the Fort Hold caverns storage facility. Trill's parents, although doting, never really understood her love of gadgets and her overly logical viewpoints, and they struggle to figure out exactly where this odd offspring of theirs can really fit in, other than probably in the Smithcraft. But let's just say they're a bit overprotective of their only daughter. So when Fort Hold's leaders suggested to relocate her, they were relieved that they suggested the Weyr. Close enough to check up on her but far enough away to ahem..not set anything else at the hold on fire…


Although a generally friendly and kind person, the overly logical way her mind works does not lend itself to making many close friends. People just don't understand her, she's just odd! Growing up, she only had a few close friends, those who could understand why she'd rather spend her time inventing and tinkering than pursuing other interests. Finding ways to open and shut windows without getting out of bed, or inventing a better tunnelsnake trap are way more interesting /to her/ than going out to gathers, or sneaking booze, or finding the /perfect/ dancing outfit.

She prefers to view life as a series of probabilities or liklihoods based on solid evidence or calculation, and when things don't make sense, she prefers to dismiss them. Why would that Harper rather seranade a pretty girl in a low cut bodice than teach her how his gitar works? Why would those two girls spread rumors about her rather than be her friend? Why would the kitchen staff be upset that she tried to invent a multipurpose knife/spatula/fork? I mean, she only started a small fire trying to bend one to fit the shape she wanted…and ruined some good big, right? And why oh why did that boy tell her her hair was the color of a delicious cup of klah, and her eyes are like limped pools? How can hair be klah? And her eyes aren't made of water..and there surely aren't fish in there..? Huh. Weird. Illogical. Gadgets are much more logical and predictable, stay with those.

And..her towel. There is something so comforting about her towel that she keeps it around /all the time/. It is like a security blanket… that she justifies by saying how useful it is..and tries to convince those around her of its virtues. All in all, it is very useful as a rain hat, as a shawl, as a cape, and maybe even as a VTOL swatter, but she needs to wash it a bit more. When questioned as to the origins of the towel, she will say she was given this towel as a small child by a doting Auntie who helped her wipe the soot off of her face, and encouraged her to keep on with her gadgety pursuits. So, a treasured memory indeed.

Feelings About Dragons:

Trill has very little experience with dragons, but she'd like more. Aside from the Teaching Songs and her sense of their overall importance, that she knows quite well. She is /fascinated/ by the general physical processes and mechanics of firestone and breathing fire. Flaming units are something she has never seen up close and she would very much like to do so. Now those are advanced technology, and she promises she won't accidently light anything on fire with them. /Hopefully/. And then there are the riding straps, she wants to get to know how those work, too. She has a few ideas on how to improve those, too.

Favorite Eggs:

Cloaked in Brilliance Egg, and Golden Record Egg, for starters!

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