Urei is weyr-bred from Telgar Weyr, and for many Turns was taught by the Weyrharper there. Finding himself more interested in the scrolls and books of information in the archives than playing with other children, he never fully developed his social abilities. He finally became an Apprentice at the Harper Hall at Fort Hold, where he shortly was overcome with anxiety with the massive amounts of action that take place at the Main Hall. So, instead, the Apprentice chose to move to nearby Fort Weyr, more comfortable with the weyr setting than the manic Hall, strangely enough. He is not necessarily quiet nor shy, but rather enjoys his alone time over people time, but he is willing to talk, have fun, etc. And he has a strange fascination with ballroom dancing, he might even offer to teach a few lessons to anyone.

Urei has always enjoyed the atmosphere of the weyr, although wild and often unpredictable he grew up in a weyr and therefore is more used to the activities. It would be overly assuming to say that Urei made lots of friends at the weyr, as he is less likely to make friends and instead tends to more make what could be considered 'acquaintances'. A few people he's become close to, but given his more stoic nature it would be difficult to read how he truly feels.

Then arrives M'tr, and Urei found himself choosing the side against the new Weyrleader, preferring the former Weyrleader Th'deus' leadership style. The interactions between the Harper and M'tr were often confrontational and the final result ended with Urei denying M'tr's direct orders and getting himself assaulted by the Weyrleader (and he was licked too). In response to this Master Harper Arybella withdrew all Harpers from Fort Weyr until M'tr was removed from his position. Stuck at the Hall, Urei often found excuses to escape or hide with his studies, too annoyed by the less focused Apprentices. One day, after aiding her Lifemate, Weyrlingmaster Madri arrived at the Hall to discuss a few matters with the Harper Apprentice and ended in the young man being told (not really requested) by Nidhgoth and Madri to first sing and next to stand as a Candidate for Eviyath and Goreanth's clutch. Sometime after that, before he became officially a candidate, Urei was promoted to Harper Journeyman for his work on Weyr history and law.



Urei was the result of a mating flight between Telgari greenrider Ranei and bluerider U'ro, immediately fostered off to the lower caverns ladies as most flight spawn do. The rider pair were not weyrmates, so it is assumed that there most likely are a plethora of siblings and half-siblings running around Telgar Weyr. Although his biological parents were not /completely/ absent from his life, they had a very hands off approach to the young boy and so Urei grew to treat the nannies as his mothers and the other weyrbrats as siblings, although interaction with either was limited. The only person that Urei could actually refer to as family (although still not blood-related) would be the WeyrHarper, Nason, who saw Urei's potential at a young age and taught him up until his apprenticeship at the Harper hall.


Urei's most obvious quirk would be his eloquence and verbose nature, as stated above, he was raised taking lessons from the Weyrharper, often with older apprentices that Nason was mentoring. The result of this early education caused him to completely despise his rather uncultured roots (accents and all) for a more refined lifestyle, hence his speech pattern. He is also highly educated on traditions, history and law and even if he doesn't participate in many activities, he often knows the historical development of such. He also likes to stare, a creepy nature of his, to analyze every person he meets and gather information about them, it is not a surprise when he tends to know secrets about you without you ever sharing them. Although capable of socializing, Urei tends to keep to himself and works diligently to fulfill what he considers his duty. That is the most important thing to Urei, duty, whether it be being a Harper or Candidate, Urei does what he knows is traditionally his duty and respects the restrictions his position places, there are (typically) no rules broken by the man. When it comes to flirtation and in general the aspects of sex, Urei is highly inexperienced and will become quite embarassed at the prospect of someone hitting on him or the suggestion that he might be flirting with someone (L'ryl likes to tease him about that).


As if his red hair is hiding some deep secret, deep down inside Urei is passionate, he is a flame just ready to explode, but when it does he becomes severely embarassed. A few times he has slipped, whether it be from enormous amounts of pestering from Th'deus' firelizards or during an intense dance performance, his eyes light up and his language slips back to a Telgari accent and he becomes a different person, more passionate than before. But these moments often cause Urei to become embarassed, for it is when he loses control and he desperately tries to hold onto his personality tightly. But it doesn't mean that one shouldn't prod and poke him until he does, because that is just plain fun.

Feelings About Dragons:

Being Weyrbred and Duty focused, Urei sees dragons as our infallible protectors and their riders great heroes of the past, present and future. And while he does understand all of this, and knowing the tendency of the children of riders to become riders themselves, Urei also knows the fact that probability never bodes well for candidates, there are finite eggs and almost infinite pool of candidates. Although daydreams may lead him to think of himself as one day being a rider, he often grounds himself with fact and his studies to not get up his hopes. Having grown up with the creatures Urei does not fear dragons at all (unless it is Goreanth) because he believes most to be benevolent, and in conversation he will typically refer to the dragon directly rather than go through the rider. Dragons are what allows Pernese to thrive and therefore deserve our utmost loyalty and respect, bowing to a dragon or dragonrider is a habit that has formed over time with the man.

Favorite Eggs:

After the first touching:
#1 The Unsorted Books Egg
#2 Ssssso Stinky Egg (still, pulls me in)
#3 Lost Little Marble Egg

From First looks:
The Tie-dye Guy Egg, The Unsorted Books Egg, Ssssso Stinky Egg (yes, it is stinky and it intrigues me)

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